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Irrelevant and yes, obviously.

Literally rewrote what Muugen said in dead chat and you accused me of being Muugen's puppet. So what is it, does he exist in deadchat or were you listing that as a convenient slam against my credability?

Yes. Because he's scum.

Again, answer me this.

What scum gives town an amp and a superkill? What scum gives the person who just shot them with a superkill a new superkill?

How does it work in scum's agenda to give town more weapons?
we dont know the nuance of ur kill. it may benefit u in some form or only usable on town. maybe u control the refilled ability. pls stop repeating same point


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My flavour helps break out Ichigo team in the Soul World, he aids them too. Which is why when i realised Ichigo team could be Mafia team i alerted everyone about it. I think this is one reason the game is bastard.

He's a resident of soul society though unlike Ichigo team.

N2 babe
how do u realize they r mafia if u r town? can u communicate with them in any way? u shud atleast be a miller or a traitor
From this, of the PoE slots the most plausible to be Adam's mate is Kerko, otherwise the remaining scum will have to have voted against him or off wagon or not at all. Given that we are looking for two we can probably assume one is in the voters that were not here - for the simple fact that voting off wagon offers no real benefit in multi ball and Adam/Kiku had the best thread presence of the team.

I think u might need to iso kerk, I can't read xlaw so would usually just lynch into that direction

I'd have to check how kerk voted


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I am immune to the first person that quotes the poem writeup.

I am Kira by the way, i hinted it back in day 2 when Kobe was putting Kira as scum role, saying that i have reasons to think Kira is town this day.
what other actions u did? kira appeared alot

Do we really have any reason to town read Monochrome?
not at all

What else we got?

Yoruichi flipped scum. She helped the ryoka break in. So did Ganju. Unless the role alignments are arbitrary, Ganju should be scum imo
but ichigo and ishida shud be last 2 red scum. where do u move from here?

I like how you get put in PoE and completely no sell it to talk about the other guys in PoE
atleast hes trying to solve other guys in PoE

If Melkor flips town would have no issues cracking Lind though
whats the correlation?

i want reborn dead tbh. clears prof for me too. if reborn town down to hang prof. u game @Ratchet ?


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I still see TAC as the best lynch candidate.

I think u might need to iso kerk, I can't read xlaw so would usually just lynch into that direction

I'd have to check how kerk voted
Seems like he's following TAC's vote on Lind. I doubt he even read any of Lind's posts.

TheAncientCenturion: Dr_Professor83 -> Lindtaylor
Kerkovian: TheAncientCenturion -> Unvote -> Lindtaylor


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I don't know Reborn, I can literally not understand 99% of wu ability names @Dr_Professor83 would have to answer

It's either bankai, reiatsu crush or kill that I'm seeing and actually remember lmao
I don't know much myself but using wiki and search gives no result on Kenpachi lieutenant ability popping up in wu

Also, what you think about pein?
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