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I don't know much myself but using wiki and search gives no result on Kenpachi lieutenant ability popping up in wu

Also, what you think about pein?
Prof claimed the bald head baldy, he' was a likeable character in the arc. Lieutenant is girl, baldy was a subordinate down the line who foughts Ichigo.


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I think u might need to iso kerk, I can't read xlaw so would usually just lynch into that direction

I'd have to check how kerk voted
Kerko was the only vote in defence of Adam remaining in PoE. Given that red scum gain nothing from voting off wagon to distance then we can assume that they were either voting to save him, voting against him, or not voting/around at all.


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Another one that has me as a Scum. Lol, the ones you are reading town are the prime suspects of being the real Mafia and you've just made the list.
why r the ones he is reading town prime suspect? give me ur thoughts on the game rn kerko. r mafia controlling the game?

do u think u r playing super townie that prof shud automatically read u as town here?


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Okay but we're obviously not going to get anywhere exploring that today. What are we left with?
we can get there, we need tpein hime kerko xlaw to play as genuine as they can and give us that answer. they r basically the only unswept spots now right?

i think mono's tone seems townie. reminds me of yoshi is OLF elden ring. wud like to see hear his reasoning for the actions tho. might come as someone coaching him on what to say


Day 4 - Vote Count 6


*Votes may not reflect their real value*
*Tell me if i missed anything*

TheAncientCenturion - 3
Lindtaylor - 3
Dr_Professor83 - 2
Lord Melkor - 1
Xlaw - 1
Kerkovian - 1

Lord Melkor: Peroroncino -> Destroya -> TheAncientCenturion -> Xlaw
Ratchet: TheAncientCentruion -> Unvote -> Lord Melkor -> Dr_Professor83 -> Kerkovian
TheAncientCenturion: Dr_Professor83 -> Lindtaylor
Ultra: TheAncientCenturion -> Dr_Professor83 -> TheAncientCenturion
Apollo: TheAncientCenturion
T-Pein: Lindtaylor -> TheAncientCenturion
Mr. Reloaded: Sallucion -> Dr_Professor83
Kerkovian: TheAncientCenturion -> Unvote -> Lindtaylor
Kobe: Lindtaylor
Peroroncino: Lord Melkor
MonochromeYoru: Yo Tan Wa -> Unvote -> Dr_Professor83​

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