Speculations Carrot vs Perospero?

They showed up later, Sanji was terrified looking at Pekoms implying that something happened and one of the 10 sibling twins guys was aiming his sword at his eyes
I mean if it didn't happen on screen than we don't know for sure. Pekoms seems to be pretty strong and was nearly full Sulong. He might have made it out. We'll see him again I think. We'll see then for sure.


👑King of Atlantis👑
its Carrot + Wanda vs Perospero.

Carrot dont even brave enough to face Daifuku, all she had to do is lure him to wreck the fleet.
and im pretty sure Perospero is stronger than Daifuku.
There's a higher chance of Pedro coming back from the dead and beating Perospero in Sulong, than Carrot doing anything to Perospero.

I don't think people realize how fucking strong Perospero is. Dude is equivalent to a Sweet Commander 50% of the time.