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wait a moment makima said chainsaw man ate the nazi devil so it' has been forgotten but it's not erased. Do you mean the humans in a world there still have obvious traces of the nazis but they don't know it? People are negationist without knowing it.
she said SOME of them didn't have their existences erased.
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At least, there will be less alt-right neo-nazi mfers in USA.
gtfo with politics in this thread.
I don't like Nayuta being so Makima-like...

Like the whole first season's point was about Control Devil getting a chance for a cooler life, here it's just Makima all again.
I did like the chapter. I just hope Asa and Denji find happiness together, but this is CSM so...
Yeah, I mean, people couldn't have honestly expected a Yoru vs. Control fight at this point.

I feel like I generally like where the plot is heading, I like Denji's and Asa's dynamic, I just think part 2 took way too long to get there, which is why at points it feels a bit stretched. But I'm still trusting in Fujimoto for it all to work out. Also, I'm intrigued by Yoshida!