Create your army

1. Riboku
2. Tou (if no top general like that is allowed, I'll replace him with..Bananji)
3. Shin
4. Ouhon
5. Kyoukai
6. Mouten
7. Karyo Ten (unless you're allowing great generals for this position, then I gotta go with the guy who was said to be the mastermind of the Qin6)
8. HSU + Qin army after Ei Sei gave the order for full military focus

So let's see what we got here:

- top general in China right now, only potential flaw that could be exploited is dueling, but my army is well-equiped to a point he won't ever be put in that situation

- arguably the top general in Qin outside of potentially Yotanwa & Ousen, but def. the most well-rounded

- a top heavy fighter who can compete with any top combatant in the series

- a well rounded commander who is trained in combat & tactics
- a natural genius to tactics, and can compete with the top combatants of the series

- a man who can rival even generals in on-battlefield tactics to an extent

- a woman who can do the same as the above / a guy who combined with Riboku & Tou will create this the most strategically advanced army in China.

- the top independent unit in China, and the best army in China that's only rivaled by the Chu.
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