Powers & Abilities Cross Guild can't only rely on Mihawk for strength

Warlord crew with Mihawk as the Yonko level fighter and Buggy as the figurehead leader, yay or nay?

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TBH... I would like Buggy to get a feat. Like... imagine it lads... he awakens his fruit... and things go all fucky. A clowntastic clusterfuck as he atomizes the things.
And of course, he deserves CoC.
No lies, my respect for Buggy has gone up so much in one chapter. He basically told people stronger than him: "Yeah, no, you're all bitches."
Im in the sane boat. Thought the buggy gag went too far, but here he is kicking mihawk and croc into action.

This could be set up for an epic buggy win or a bitter buggy defeat, either way im interested.
Mihawk alone is so strong that he makes Cross Guild a Yonko-level threat, evidenced by him being the only "subordinate" with a higher bounty than his captain, as well as Buggy's sudden confidence to compete for the Pirate King etc
How can a guy that refuses to fight anyone be of any threat to anyone except the fodders? How many seconds would it take for Mihawk to flee if anyone strong attacks them? So far Mihawk has shown his exceptional courage only against Buggy while teaming up with Crocodile. Hardly any threat to anyone...
Im in the sane boat. Thought the buggy gag went too far, but here he is kicking mihawk and croc into action.

This could be set up for an epic buggy win or a bitter buggy defeat, either way im interested.
It's going to end up a Buggy vs Usopp thing, innit? Both have overinflated reputations. Both are practically going to be seen as legends. So people will watch their bout assuming strategic genius. Their strikes, flashy, will be seen as more powerful than they are by an awed audience. An utter shithouse moment where everyone thinks it's a top-tier fight....
And then both hit each other and a strange wind picks up, splitting the clouds.
It's coming.
And I'd love it.
Weevil is an easy choice for next crew member. He’s strong character, has beef with one of the Yonko and his storyline isn’t over. Moria too could join to add more fuel to the BB beef.

Speaking of, if Doflamingo doesn’t join I can see Law joining in some sort of exchange. The RPG locations for help in taking down BB to save his crew
Cross guild is a recognised yonko crew because of the navy is under the impression that buggy is supremely competent power house of a man who got mihawk and croc bend their knees to him. Mihawk is seen as a very strong dude. So is croco. If that wasn't enough many impeldown escapees with high enough bounties have joined the cause of buggy(specifically buggy) and after this chapter even tsuru openly says buggy has become a menance. From outside perspective buggy is kaido/shanks level threat. With supremely strong(much stronger then average yonko commander 1 ) mihawk as his right hand man. And an excessively competent and powerful yonko commander 2. Navy or anybody who doesn't know the truth about buggy would genuinely be supremely vary of cross guild

Except navy there is no one out their who would fight them really. Blackbeard is too entangled with luffy and shanks to be thrown in with cross guild. Kid and law are currently down. Shanks is an option but he seems to be overtly obsessed with Blackbeard (and is a pal of buggy). Straw hats vs cross guild would be weird at this this time.
They'll keep on fighting the navy

Gol D. Roger

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Do you have to destroy Wano for it?
Pluton sits at the bottom of Mt. Fuji, and it's said to be a massive battle ship. If they're gonna retrieve it forcibly, they'll have some serious destroying to do. It may even cause eruption.
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Not needed. Croc could just dry the sea that covers the real wano,
Crocodile ain't capable of doing shit on that scale. That's likely beyond even Im lmao.
Am I the only one who’s sick of this Buggy being an emperor story line?

Like seriously the Yonko use to be a feared title and now it’s just become a gag. Also Mihawk ain’t gonna hard carry…he’ll probably just ditch like he did at marineford unless he’s fighting against Zoro.
Honestly after this last chapter I'm pretty on board with it. It isn't just a gag at this point; Buggy really does have the ambition to reach the top.