Questions & Mysteries Do you have good experiences with op reddit?

It's a shithole where opinions that contrast the majority are never seen or given any consideration. It's essentially a religious cult where Oda is God, there are no issues with the story, if it seems like there is you need to just "have faith" in Oda until you forget about it, and if there were issues in the past somehow it wasn't that bad. Emphasise the good, ignore, deny or excuse the bad. They don't really care either way how the story goes, they'd rather not care at all than care too much and risk being downvoted. No one has their own opinions, everyone just says what everyone else says as that gets them upvotes. Anyone who wants to step outside of that gets banned or is left in a corner that no one looks at.

It's fashionable to hate Zoro and wank Luffy, they mention Sanji without giving any extreme opinions either way. Basically a bunch of bland, opinionless garbage that tries so hard to be inoffensive that it's actually offensive. At least the idiots on here have some personality about their takes.
I dont like reddit but i have a reddit account and i still check them out to see what they are thinking. The biggest problem with reddit is that people trying to hide posts they dislike by downvoting them.

Reddit works like that but if you abuse that power your community becomes a cult just like cleanmrpostman said above me. Its not just in OP subreddit but in all of reddit. Before i get offensive with my post i am stopping here.
downvote button is a mistake.
Worstgen is where most One Piece and Luffy haters, power scalers, ZKKers and Zoro & Sanji fanboys congregate.
Almost every chapter discussion is a pissing contest between Zoro and Sanji fanboys. Most of them hate Luffy, resent Oda for breaking their head canons, and seemingly only read One Piece just so they can b*tch and moan about it weekly.
Once in a while someone does post something insightful and interesting. But overall the collective IQ remain slightly above room temperature. But that won’t hold for much longer. Because when ZKK doesn’t happen, most of those people will need to be institutionalized.
Isn't this the most accurate description you've ever seen?

It's normal I think. It's much more popular there to like the manga than here, but I don't see much of a problem with that. Discussion about powerscale and toxic people also gets more evidence here.