Theory Dragon is Xebec's son.

I don’t really care for it as a twist
Why does rocks will even matter if Luffy gonna oppose the world government anyway
Pretty sure Blackbeard has his will
If I remember correctly rocks wanted to be king of the world which we know is pretty much the opposite of Luffy
Didn’t Oda say Luffys mum won’t appear in the story? I might be wrong on that
Also I’m looking forward to the Garp and dragon confrontation and this kind of subtracts from that

I can see it happening but I kind of hate it
It gives another parallel to Luffy vs Blackbeard. They're already mirrors or opposites in a lot of ways, and it would be interesting to me if Blackbeard is the one to inherit Rocks' will even though Luffy inherited his blood.

It's like how everyone thought Ace, Roger's son, inherited his will to the point that he was executed over it but he never actually did, he was a guy with his own life and dreams and Luffy was actually the one who took on Roger's legacy. If this comes out and the government connects Rocks to Luffy, he's going to become public enemy number one while Blackbeard is the one they should be worried about. Or maybe even Blackbeard gets jealous over Luffy being descended from Xebec, the man he idolizes and named his ship after, and breaks from his grand plan to try and take Luffy out.

We know Luffy doesn't want to be king of the world or rule over anything but there's a pretty good chance becoming king is Blackbeard's true goal
This is a theory of thought about recently myself and it all stemmed from the similarities in what they look like too. When Garp told everyone who Luffy's father was everyone was surprised and couldn't see a resemblance.
How Dragon got the title Monkey D is the part that without confirmation remains up in the air. Saying Dragon is his father however it is Garp's daughter that is his mom(who say had a tragic death by the world government which is what set Dragon on his path and Garp hide Luffy on Goa for that reason) and that Xebec is Dragon's father.
For fun Blackbeard is his Uncle wouldn't that be a filled tale.
It is thing that I called from the moment when Xebec face was revealed.
I always wonder why Oda made Ace Roger's son, i mean Luffy was always looking like Roger not Ace, and in character background point it could have more sence if Luffy was Roger's son...but Oda made things more complicated and different. Luffy wants to be like Roger who was his grandfather main enemy, while Teach is trying to be like Rocks who is actually Luffy's grandfather.

Luffy in his 40's is more like Shanks
than Dragon is like Xebec

then I guess Daddy Shanks Theory should be made as well​

Luffy in his 40's is more like Shanks
than Dragon is like Xebec

then I guess Daddy Shanks Theory should be made as well​
was just about to post it makes no sense with all this set up for dragon and garp not to be related like literally bro


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My only grip with this theory is that its based around a silhouette. If xebec is dragons father or not I really don't care, I personally think dragon not being garps biological son is much more interesting idea.