Dumbest thing you did in the name of love?

My fiancé has made it VERY clear that none of our parents will ever live with us, which is disheartening to someone whose folks are getting on in age and live across the country :josad:
Yeah I really didn't think twice before I agreed to it, 63 year old lady and my apartment had a spare room. It's family, why not? But over the course of 20 months I probably had two encounters that weren't terrible, and I think they both involved gift giving.

Can't say it's always destined to fail, but holy shit. I'd recommend starting a good relationship with them beforehand, ground rules, a trial period, and some contingency plans

Oh and here's a weird kicker now that I mention a trial period: we let her cousin stay during his travels for a little bit. Come to find out later that the guy is a roaming child molester. Luckily he really didn't spend time away from us around the neighborhood or anything.
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I punched a girl for bullying my girlfriend in highschool. Got my ass jumped twice.
My friend did similar thing.

Girl in school was harrasing his girl and he went up to her to talk only for her to try and slap him

He on other hand was training MMA so he dodged once, dodged second time, third time he tossed her over the shoulder

Teachers went nuts and wanted him expelled, it took heavy amount of backlash from all of us for them to drop it

Post school few days after her brother and his friends tried to "ambush" him

He beat all of them kek
To quote, Rin's mother
I never loved anyone in my entire life
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Explain to me first what is love?
set of hormones in your brain called oxytocin
reality being about the social aspect though, it's all nonsense like you buy couple dates maybe spend could nights together then she breaks up with you, you act sad and then move on with another girl, process repeats

Norman said it best,
they're all beautiful until their snarling at your trust fund like a pack of ravaging wolfs
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Explain to me first what is love?
Some feelings. Maybe you want someone to be happy and alright so much, maybe you want someone to be yours so much. Biochemical theories are prone to change and update etc, so i better stick to subjectivity if its about love etc.