Theory Eustass Kid beats Big Mum with help of... Big Mum

She already has been defeated by her own incompetency, the question is, who will be the one to take down Big Mom for good!? And it's crystal clear that it's going to be Luffy.

Let the guy first learn CoA before jumping to CoC, oh🤔. It's one piece😲, what am I talking about??? Kid will obviously learn CoA, CoO and of course CoC in span of seconds.

It makes sense for you, but not for Oda, otherwise he wouldn't have set up all those plotlines leading to Luffy taking down Big Mom.

It would, but it's not going to happen.
Luffy is taking down big mom

Big Mom is in an equal alliance with Kaido. Luffy is actively destroying this alliance as the straw hats are destroying the tobi roppo and the calamities, with Luffy himself eventually taking out Kaido.

Luffy is positioned as the leader of the anti-kaido alliance. Kid hates kaido as well, possibly even more than Luffy but decided to leave kaido to Luffy and zoro while he went after big mom, as he realized Luffy was more capable.

So ultimately, if Kid beats big mom, Luffy is getting credit for that. And I guarantee when the story comes out in the news, it will say something to the sort of "Big Mom was defeated by Eustass Kid and Trafalagar Law under the leadership of Monkey D Luffy"
Interesting though tho, Law was named after the 2 defeats of the French army in the Napoleonic wars. Now if we assume so far that their names hold some significance(since so far it has) one could theorize that this hints at Law's role in Big Mom's defeat.

So I think there's 2 choices here. Law helps Kid defeat her here, or Kid and Law lose, but builds up for another confrontation in Elbaf since Law doesn't have much of a storyline with Big Mom.

I would rather it being here, and Kid being the one to do it.
I'm not against it at all, as matter of fact I want it more than anybody else, but we know that it's not going to happen, we know it, as a fact we know it. I'm not going to lie to myself just because I want it, what is it going to change? Nothing! Regardless from my wishes nothing is going to change, Kid will do nothing just like other supernovas.
Put your hand to your heart and tell me, do you really believe that Kid is going to take down Big Mom dispite the fact that Luffy has been saying about it since Fishman island arc??? Like honestly, do you really believe in it!? Luffy even promised, he fucking promised to Katakuri that he [Luffy] will take down Big Mom. Everything, literally everything has been set up for Luffy to take down Big Mom, there is an entire plotline build around it since Fishman fucking island, and you guys are like: "but Kid man." Duh...

It seems like you haven't noticed it yet, but one piece is already like those other mangas, it's not different, spacial or unique, it is just like them: a cliche, fanservice based BS that sells well for the average guy. At this point one piece is all about Luffy and Zoro, the rest of the strowhats are useless, they have no value, just like the supernovas, Emperors, Marians etc. It's all about Luffy and Zoro, and if you haven't noticed it yet, then I'm sorry, you've been reading completely different story all this time.
Luffy also said he would beat Jack, look where that went
Luffy also said he would beat Jack, look where that went
He levelled too far past Jack, Big Mom on the other hand is a direct PK competitor that Luffy directly said multiple times, including during this raid, that he would take down after taking Kaido down. He made a manly promise to Kat to beat BM, and that was a big plot point.

Do you think Kidd will beat BM before or after Luffy beats Kaido?
If before it dehypes yonko and undercuts the drama, stakes and the feat of a SN beating a yonko
If after then it doesn't fit the theme with Luffy's victories always happening last as the crescendo of the arc.

BM is most likely retreating until the next mini-arc imo.
Luffy also said he would beat Jack, look where that went
No he didn't say that! What he actually said is this:

"Someday I'm gonna whup him along with Kaido" which is a general statement, he never threatened Jack directly saying "I'm definitely going to defeat Jack" or something along those lines, but he said it directly numerous times to Kaido and Big Mom. As matter of fact, Luffy even promised to Fishman people and Katakuri that he will take down Big Mom, he did the same with Kaido when he promised to Momonoske and Wano people that he will defently take him down. There's a big drastic difference between "general" statements and "direct" threats, especially when Luffy promises someone to do it. Luffy made a "general" statement in Wano too, like for example here:

"I've come to kick all your guy's asses, this is an all out war" but that doesn't mean that he's literally going to defeat every beast pirate on his own, of course not, he has a crew for that. Again, I don't wanna drag this more than necessary, but there's a huge difference between general statements and promises that Luffy made to important people for him, and Luffy promised to his Fishman frends and to Katakuri that he will take Big Mom down, and that's something that Luffy has done numerous times. Once again, there's no way that Kid takes down Big Mom, hell, there's more reason for Kid to take down Kaido than Big Mom considering what he did to his crew/nakama/ friends.
Kidd and Law is exhausting Big Mom while Luffy deliver a final blow to Kaido. Blowing Kaido down at Big Mom and both crushing through Onigashima and falls down to the middle square at the Flower Capitol. Ending the tyranny of Big Mom and Kaido.
To birds with one stone.
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Then all forces goes against CP0. CP0 retreats
Hey Guys.

I had this theory a few weeks ago, but i want to write it down once here and want to hear your ideas and opinions.

First of all, the Status Quo is Kid and Law are fighting against Big Mum right now. Big mum seems to be unharmed so far; Kid more less also, even thos he tanked alot (indicating very high defense and stamina).

While his stamina and defense so far is pretty well known, even without using CoC and CoA, which we know he has, he has so far no real possibility to hurt Big Mum. Over all, we didnt see much damage dealing against Big Mum. In fact we only got 2 possible situations where she seriously got damaged. First explained by Capone, with destroying the picture of Caramell and second, surprisingly, through Nami while the whole chasing situation. But how is she vulnerable when the picture is broken? And how could nami damage her?

I think the best way to hurt Big Mum is to hurt her soul. Directly her soul. Which is hard to reach, but pretty open when she is absolutely devastated, for example with the picture. But this doesnt happen alot, just because she doesnt really care alot about much things. Another way to hit her soul directly is by using her soul itself. Thats why Nami could damage her, cause she was using Zeus with that attack! So not only the physical hit came into play, but her soul clashed against another part of her soul directly!

So back to Kid and Law. I guess Law will figure that out pretty early in the fight and will tell Kid. And this is when Kid finaly catches his idea to beat her. Remember how he always thought about how to hit someone, how to damage kaido, he was always looking for strategies. And the moment he get to know how to deal damage to Big Mum, he will figure a way. And i guess it will be this way:

Kid will create a big robot, Mecha-Godzilla like, fitting the beast theme. With that Mecha and CoA, he will create cages inside his mecha-arms and Law will shamble hera and prometheus each on one of these cages. With his high defense and stamina, together with CoA Kid will be able to keep them inside the cage and putting permanent pressure Hera and Prometheus. Thats how Kid will use these two souls to punch Big Mum, punching Big Mums Soul directly with her own Soul. With every punch, he will put extra pressure on one of them, to get them to trigger some of their power. Kinda imagine these hits like that (hera one) (please be carefull with opening spoilers if you havent seen Godzilla vs Kong, contains spoilers):

So i think by using Hera and Prometheus he will be able to significantly hurt Big Mum. This also will result in Kids final blow against Big mum. While Luffy will use some "King Kong"-related and named attack to put the final hit on Kaido, Kid will put the most pressure he can on hera and prometheus, pulling out as much of their energy as possible focus that with alot of magnetic energy (first glimpse of awakaning?) and give her this final blow, by combine the energy of hera, prometheus, CoC and magnetic force:

So Kid will finish Big Mum with his own "Atomic Breath", while Luffy finish Kaido with a King Kong attack.

What do you guys think about the idea (using Big Mums souls to hurt her soul)?


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I like this.They have caged her homies before.It could happen.
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But there is a problem with this,she can undo her homies if she catches them...