Favorite antagonist in each series ?

DB, Piccolo wanting revenge for humans sealing him away and him being more human then previous one dimensional characters like pilaf or tao was what caused me to like him but what gained interest for me was how his redemption spoke to his past actions like he said that nobody showed him kindness until gohan which means to one sense or another he was interested in harming humans for their refusal to accept him which is a neat idea better then pilaf who just wants to conquer the world cause lol why not

DBZ, I guess maybe princess snake or zanguya at least they were something nice to look at versus the male villains who were equally as bland. 18 had some character but she was kinda just a bland killing machine who sometimes enjoyed messing around
Gero was kinda interesting with him wanting revenge for goku destroying the red ribbon army and with the games implying that goku killed his son in the muscle tower raid, He needs more material to really be something of note but as it stands right now not much information to work with

DBS, Granola is just baby 2 with the same exact scenario of ozzaru nuking the planet and x guy wanting revenge for it. Would still say he's better then zamas as unlike the rogue kai his motive was not caused by him getting triggered over alien cave men bashing their skulls together.
People just overrate zamas as he's been the only actual main villain until more recently with moro,granola and broly

DBGT, baby vegeta without a doubt not only was his motive done rather well but it has some depth to it aswell with baby being a great parallel to goku with both sent to a planet to destroy it's planet for the desire of their race also with both aliens having been surviving members of a mass gensoside with only one other tuffle surviving with that being dr raichi and his hatchiyack weapon.
Baby vegeta also would be great as he's purposefully ironic like he hates saiyans yet becomes one at the end to archive his goals and this would be reflected quite well in the form design with baby vegeta's forms rejecting the saiyan nature within him and instead warping the body to suit him with goku on the other hand embracing his nature hence the more animal look of sjj4

Side stories,
I guess hatchiyachi is cool kinda just a weaker baby but that's a great character basis so kinda hard to mess up
heroes is kinda bland but towa has a very good design and she kinda lets us know about the demon world so that's neat from a lore perspective. Her wanting to have the demon world become apart of the main universe is a neat motive as a it shows that the cosmology chart was literal and b it explains why the demon world was separated so overall she's a good villain if your a lore junkie or order 34 fan
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Tao Pai Pai the first yeah
I mean technically the first bad guy was some tiger guy in the first episode