Favourite MHA characters?


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Yeah it was nice. But another minus for Endeavour lmao. I was surprised his wife appeared at the hospital too.
I liked the explaination and relationship between Endeavor and Dabi and how he put him aside bit by bit. I can relate with Dabi a little (even if the kiddo was crazy), the guy went from being everything in his father eyes to playing second fiddle
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I stopped watching MHA after season 2, so from what I've seen my favorite characters are Fumikage and Endeavor. I heard the manga is good rn so I might start watching/reading it again.
FROM A DUDE WHO DOESN'T TAKE BULLSHIT FOR ANIMES, YOU ARE REALLY MISSING SOME TOP QUALITY ACTIO-ION ... watch seasons 3,4 and 5 ... sometimes it gets cringy, yes, but the story always surprises you at some point. the animation is fantastic as well.
S5 has not been the best so far but it's still "enjoyable?" I think in terms of animation and thrill.
Endeavor easily for me
Actually heโ€™s the only character in mha that I absolutely love

the others I either just like or hate

The depth
the development that he went through
Wes amazing

Prominence burn is the best moment ib mha by far