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Should I watch FMA or read the manga?
Watch it it’s better
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@Dragomir youre a super chill host and mod, i don’t want to give you an ego trip but you’re a super laidback dude and I appreciate it.
I absolutely loved trolling here when the dp would take too long to start and just all around goofiness.

Imo that’s what makes a good mafia game as it’s all about the community.

Anyhow, I’m out.

Awaiting that pm of yours :p
didnt read

jk you’re not yo tan wa, ima read then reply lmao
:few: that hurted
Though, your Night 4 actions weren't the greatest. Zara is likely to be protected. Instead of redirecting his kill to himself, should have sent it at Kiwi instead
I think the big mistake here was we misread Zara conditional kill with Havoc as Super Kill instead of just ignoring role blocks. So we thought we would get one confirm kill out of here, and good chance Zara if he was relying on Kiwi Vest, and Kiwi also asked Rayan to protect her or Sera.
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Very tired right now, but let's do it.

I'll start off with the criticisms. I'll skip Day 2. I don't want to beat a dead horse there. You guys already know what went wrong during that phase. It'd be redundant for me to speak of it. I have a suggestion for y'all to consider about claiming. Don't ask for claims. Just don't. If you suspect somebody, lynch them. Push for their lynch, and don't even worry about claims. If that person is Town, they'll claim anyway when the wagon is increasing over time. And if they're scum, they'll still fake claim, but it'll most likely be a flustered claim because of how pressured and stressed they'll feel about getting lynched soon.

Okay, now moving on, a big issue that I saw from you guys was tinfoils. Making a tinfoil, or a theory(same thing), is okay but it was overdone in this game. It ended completely messing up all of the straightforward logic that you guys had. Instead of 1+1=2, it became 1+3-6+4=2. Instead of walking down the straight path, y'all went into the bushes. A perfect example was the Mel situation. @Fujishiro you had pinpoint evidence that suggested that Mel was scum. After getting it cleared that nobody redirected you because of Mid's bus drive, you had a straight line to scum. But you distrusted your results and came up with excuses for why she could be Town. I get that stuff about Lanji restarting a wagon, and her fake claim matching with Jew. the face of unchallenged results, all this stuff doesn't matter. There was also Beta. Yes, he survived the lynch, but you gotta try it again, not let him go. Y'all acknowledged how he wasn't making any sense with his posts. Beta even refused to claim, but y'all ended up making a fake claim for him about him being Hohenheim. There's no evidence pointing in that direction besides one failed lynch. I mean, would it be impossible for a Homunculus other than Father and Hohenheim to survive a lynch? They all had regeneration except for Bradley.

Furthermore, that tinfoiling lead to paranoia with Rayan and Light. There are cases where scummy day phase gameplay overrides an innocent result, but I don't believe this was one of those cases. Light and Rayan weren't exactly super townie but they weren't really scummy either. The innocent results shouldn't have been doubted so hard imo especially with Yo Tan who I believe was a lot more likely to be scum than those two were.

Lastly, the wagon on Seth. I understand the logic you guys had. I actually think it's pretty reasonable too. Queen and Lanji have no abilities so you'd wanna take out a scum who does right? But that logic only works well if Seth was confirmed scum alongside Lanji and Queen. He wasn't. The confirmed scum needs to go instead. And even if Seth was scum, would y'all rather have Queen, who you all remarked on how well she played this game, stay alive or Seth, who had no idea what was going on, stay alive? Queen was the much bigger threat.

That's about it when it comes to criticism. The heavy tinfoil was my main gripe after the claiming. Now onto the praises. And even though there were a lot of bad things occurring, I'll have to say, there were even more good things. Some great stuff from you guys, honestly.

@Queen all-around great gameplay from you. You were active in this game from the start. Your presence was known but you were still able to perfectly blend in for the majority of your time. I think a lot of this was the fact that you minimalized mistakes. Your play was very clean. And my goodness, the fake claims you came up with. Holy shit. You were a leader for your team and lead them very well. The only thing that hurt you was Zara coming back into the game and immediately questioning you. I think he asked several times if there was any reason to believe you were Town, which was fair. The Izumi Curtis claim was well-crafted but you went overboard and that called you.

@Melontonin @LANJI CUCKSMOKE @Finalbeta @Yo Tan Wa with the rest of you guys, I loved the tenacity that y'all showed even after Queen's death. You didn't give up and fought it through to the end. And very nice with the actions too. Especially night 3. Straight up GOATED. Ended up with 3 townies dying which turned the battle into extreme diff going forth. Killed off the perfect roles too. Hunstman could have cost y'all if he protected your target and Marimo's role could have been a pain in the ass. And my man's Lanji was going the extra mile to get Town to give their reads in order to get redirect targets for Zara. Awesome stuff from y'all. Though, your Night 4 actions weren't the greatest. Zara is likely to be protected. Instead of redirecting his kill to himself, should have sent it at Kiwi instead. Inventors are like rooks in chess. They're slow to start and don't do much at first but once the game gets going, they start doing work. But overall, you guys were great and you showed heart. I respect it a lot. I mean it.

Moving on to Town, I'll start with Fuji. You had a strong start to the game, you came off the bat and pushed TAC's lynch alongside Light, had a great N1 action by stealing Mel's ability, and you killed Lanji. You were also the main one to push Beta's lynch iirc and had it not been for the lynchproof Beta had, you'd have lynched two scums. But for the remainder of the game, I think you progressively fell off and worsened. I'll get more into this in pm. But overall, you were proactive throughout the entire game and had a tremendous amount of energy. That's great for a townie to have.

@Kiwipom you had a sluggish start. Had to defend yourself for the majority of D1 and basically all of D2. I saw that you couldn't get into the game very much. However, you were able to rebound D3 and became an integral part of Town's success. You were mostly the one that led Town back to the right path when they wanted to go into the bushes. And your night actions too. Very nicely done with the protect on Zara(I mean Rayan protected him too that night Zara got redirected but it was still a smart action nonetheless, same for you Rayan). You are a smart and sensible player and you showed that in this game. Nicely done.


The gif speaks for itself. You were goated. Killing Tris was an L, no doubt but you easily redeemed yourself upon your revival. The only person to suspect Queen. The pressuring and the questioning on her led to that botched fake claim she made. I don't think she had much of a chance at being called out for the rest of the game had you not popped in. Furthermore, you were one of the first people who would always have a little doubt and questioned the claims being made. Pointed out the right things and was hesitant to believe them, especially against Yo Tan who came very nearly to making Sera unvote him and had Fuji partly believing him because of his appeal to emotion tldr post and the Hohenheim claim. But not you my g. You put a cap on that shit. Last but not least, you were the Town Leader of this game. No doubt in my mind about that. While Kiwi was the one mostly getting back on the right path, once y'all were on that path, you were the one who drove the car home. Absolutely superb, my man. Great job.

Damn, this post is massive. Hope, I didn't bore y'all but that's my criticism and praises for this game. Wara SZN for the win!
:perocry: Thanks Drago, I’m so happy to have my own paragraph. Also after people saying my role was useless, you just proved in their face that it’s not all that useless. Thanks for the game!
Drago never ended up posting your role, were you Lan Fan? 🤔

You are Lan Fan!

[Passive – Bodyguard] Lan Fan happens to be one of Prince Ling Yao’s bodyguards. She’s an expert ninja who will protect him at all costs. As such, during even nights, if Ling is attacked, you will automatically jump to save him, taking the attack yourself.

[Active – Kunoichi] As a Kunoichi from the Xingese Empire, your ninja skills are top-notch. You may target a player to track them. You will discover who they visited. If your target performed a harmful action that night, you will learn of it.

As a Bodyguard of Ling Yao, you know his identity, however, you don't want anybody to find out; therefore, you cannot reveal Ling's identity in the game thread.

Wincon: Eliminate all threats to Amestris.
Secondary Wincon: Have Ling Yao survive the rest of the game.


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:perocry: Thanks Drago, I’m so happy to have my own paragraph. Also after people saying my role was useless, you just proved in their face that it’s not all that useless. Thanks for the game!
Tbh I noticed how we suffered by not taking you out earlier. Especially because you had the ability to protect town so as the number of people alive became smaller, our options became limited because there could always be someone with your protection. GG!!
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