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That’s basically what Lerkan uses it as. He also begs people in there to like and vote in all of his threads
Why didn't you want to leave there then? :suresure:

Not once I asked for any likes thats one of the disgusting lies that you can produce, it looks like you are projecting your own insecurities, you cry about being kicked in this thread lmao.

We told you to gtfo and you didn't leave,
Papazuki low diffs Leech
sad troll talking about this as if this is the only reason when you say ''Papazuki''.

Lmao Lerkan kicked me from the Yonko group chat for making this thread :suresure:
I did? Don't lie. :suresure: It was a collective decision by @Sasaki Kojirō @Tejas @Kerkovian @MonsterKaido