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I find myself giving less Fs about the lives of other as I've aged and find it easier to be mean and cruel to people who get too disrespectful. There is also the dark thoughts I've had. I used to think I was alone but as I grew I realized they are shared by many as dark and cruel jokes that were acted upon. The future terrifies me.


Beautifully said man.

Also relating to what you said there, this is a MASSIVE spoiler for the X-Files but its a scene I extremely relate with somehow and took to heart extremely emotionally/personally:

I thought of it when you said that and I feel it fits Jmena as well as Kiri too. We knew Kiri was suffering physically in horrific ways at least, beyond what any person should have to, especially such a beautiful, wonderful, sincerely kind person like her and now we know Jmena was clearly tormented and suffering internally/mentally/emotionally etc too and also undeserved ofc.

In this scene, Mulder finds his missing sister who he has been searching for DECADES now IIRC, he joined the X-Files to try and find answers to the impossible mystery of her disappearance that seemed to be paranormal and was led on so many wild good chases and thus frrustrating, heartbreaking fakeouts too.

This episode was the much needed, eventual closure to the storyline and his character arc regarding her especially, when Mulders character finally got what he was agonisingly searching for.

His sister was dead all along and he finds her ghost here, leading to one of the most emotional scenes I've ever seen in any medium.

The amazing music by Moby really added to this scene too and it felt like Mulder was finally being set free from his lifelong obsession and never being able to move on from his sisters vanishing. He was being relieved of his duty finally, to finally complete the jigsaw puzzle and put his soul at ease.

He even says "I'm fine, I'm free." which if you know the context of the line especially, the spoiler I mentioned, it makes it all the more hauntingly bittersweet and haunting is quite the word to use there too lol.

I chose my nickname Ghostly because of this scene, this storyline as well as other personal reasons and I like to think, maybe Jmena is still out there somewhere, theres some spirital remnant of him out there, much like how Simba met the ghost of his father in Lion King, maybe there's still something left of Jmena in this world or he will find a way to reach out to us via the ethereal realm from wherever he is now, especially Heaven hopefully!

I've seen a lot of death since childhood and the one thing that always hurts the most is, realising that person is gone and you're never gonna be able to see them again, to hear their voice, to talk to them, to touch and hold them etc. The obvious stuff. But when it sinks in, when you truly realise it thats it. Thats why I try to believe in ghosts regardless like many do. So that our memories and their/our shared posessions are not the only things reminding us of them, not the only remaining connections we have of them.

If I ever get a chance to speak to him again somehow, if there is a ghost of him out there or I see him again in another life/in Heaven or w/e, I'm gonna tell him we're so grateful for what he did for us and we were glad to have known him, that he was part of our lives. I really hope somehow, there is a way out there, no matter how long it takes to find it. If there is one impossible thing I wish humanity could accomplish, is to contact the dead and let us speak to them again, even if its just the one time. One last time to say goodbye, one last time to mend bridges/bonds and make peace, one last time to tell them what you needed to tell them and couldn't in time.

I think you guys can guess now that I take death very seriously too, in the sense that it affects me deeply and I hate speaking ill of the dead (at least generally) and believing in the impossible, things beyond our mortal, physical to metaphysical, whatever realm.

Like Mulder anyway, I like to think Jmena is finally "free" now of what burdened him and thus despite how he has left this world and how prematurely, he's at peace somehow and he won't suffer anymore.


X-Files is a hell of a fantastic show btw, some truly emotional, heavy writing and acting in places, absolutely masterful stuff. Much like Scrubs, Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul and anything else.
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This is so absolutely true too. My therapist was trying to drum this into my head yesterday too.

When I was happiest in life, I had goals, I had ambitions and I was exercising a LOT, its definitely not coindidence. When you take care of yourself, when you care about yourself, when you respect yourself, you will be happier for sure. Self care is extremely crucial for all of us.
Great post, it's interesting learning the origin of your username.

Also, i can't take credit from the line, it's just from my favorite video game series: God of War. Here's the scene if you've never seen it:


Gorosei Informer

Great post, it's interesting learning the origin of your username.

Also, i can't take credit from the line, it's just from my favorite video game series: God of War. Here's the scene if you've never seen it:

Thank you man, much appreciate it!

Ah really? Dang haha. GOW looks really good though to be fair, I do admire the direction these new games have gone in, they seem so mature, heartfelt and such, I need to try them someday! I'll watch that clip now anyway, since I've not played the games before and thus barely familiar with the story and thus that scene ofc.

I'm not worried about spoilers either, a friend of mine spoiled me on Ragnarok so yeah, oh well! LOL!

That music is astounding when he carries her body too, absolute chills! I mostly ignored Norse/Scandinavian mythology/culture and vikings and such in the past, my friends LOVE them but thinking about how they regard death and respect it, I should be a fan of them for that reason alone too! Much like how Mexico has Day of the Dead and Japan and China have the memorial lantern festivals for example too.

I asked ChatGPT:

"Create a fictional scenario in which Barack Obama is part of the One Piece world, has consumed a devil fruit and wants to find the One Piece"

"In this fictional scenario, Barack Obama, former President of the United States, has stumbled upon the world of One Piece while on a solo sailing trip. As he explored the vast ocean, he came across a mysterious Devil Fruit washed up on the shore. Without hesitation, he consumed the fruit, not knowing what powers it would grant him.

As the fruit took effect, he realized that he had gained the power of the "Haki" fruit, which imbued him with the ability to sense the presence of others and read their thoughts. He also gained superhuman strength, speed and durability.

Excited by his newfound powers, Obama sets out to find the legendary treasure known as the One Piece. He joins a group of pirates, known as the "Hope Pirates", led by a captain named "Hope" and they set sail to search for the treasure.

Along the way, they face many challenges and obstacles, including powerful pirate crews and dangerous sea creatures. But with Obama's Haki powers and his leadership skills, the Hope Pirates were able to overcome these challenges and continue on their quest.

As they sailed further into the New World, they finally reached Raftel, the alleged location of the One Piece. There, they discovered that the treasure was not a physical object, but a message left behind by the Pirate King Gol D. Roger. The message revealed that the true One Piece was the freedom and adventure that came with being a pirate.

With this realization, Obama and the Hope Pirates decided to continue sailing the seas, spreading the message of hope and freedom to all those they met. They became known as the "Hope-Bringers" and their reputation grew, inspiring many others to set out on their own pirate adventures.

And so, with the power of the Haki fruit and the spirit of adventure, Barack Obama found the true One Piece and lived the life of a pirate king.

Haki-fruit :suresure: