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Is coming from...?

  • Luffy

    Votes: 9 22.0%
  • Kid

    Votes: 11 26.8%
  • Kaido

    Votes: 6 14.6%
  • Big Mom

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Someone else

    Votes: 15 36.6%

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Less characters with it makes the plot more linear. Like if it's just Shanks, Luffy, and Roger... gee, wonder how all this will turn out. Like we know Luffy will reach his goal but that makes all these other characters less worthy of attention. Dofy whips it out on Smoker and we know that he's more than Croc's sequel. As soon as Kaido mentioned that Kid has it, boom, he matters a lot more.

Zoro means a lot to his crew and to Mihawk specifically, but CoC would give him influence over the world.
- Dragon
- Garp
- Akainu
- Zoro
- Mihawk
- Blackbeard
- Momonosuke
- Koby
- Marco
- Ben Beckman
- King
- Sabo
- Rocks
- Ryuma

Kaido and Roger aren’t confirmed CoC users, are they ? It’s obvious they have it but if I’m not mistaken, it’s not confirmed.
Roger used it in chapter 966 in conjunction with Advanced Armament Haki to clash with Whitebeard.


The Road To Harmony
I can see Advanced Conquerors affecting the surrounding area, bending fate itself to your will. So what happened at Logue Town was Dragon's doing; using Advanced Conquerors-- or when Roger and his crew was surrounded and outnumbered by Shiki and his armada, a storm wept up.
- Monkey D Gaap
- Monkey D Dragon
- Akainu
- Kuzan
- Kong
- Im
- Sabo
- Scopper Gaban
- Shiki
- Rocks D Xebec
- Edward Weevil
- Yamato
- Loki
- King
- Queen
- Dracule Mihawk
- Benn Beckman
- Avalo Pizarro
- Marshall D Teach
- Gorosei
- Joyboy
- Ryuuma
- King of the giants
- Leader CP0

Characters who could gain it
- Usopp
- Roronoa Zoro
- Vinsmoke Sanji
- Kozuki Momonosuke
- Trafalgar D Water Law
- Coby
Characters that aren't confirmed but i bet will have it:
Ben Beckman
A giant
Akainu ( only because Sengoku had it )

Characters that might get it:
Fujitora ( because i think he will be the next fleet admiral )
What do you think advCoc will be?

-Weather manipulation
-Time manipulation
-Space manipulation

The first option is underwhelming for me, while the second and third are dope

Let's wait for next arc, though I have my idea about the most dangerous ability granted by CoC...make everyone an ally!
would be super dumb.
if its relevant to 1v1 and only a selected few can even get it, then any training or effort by someone not fortunate enough to have the right genes or w/e is shat on royally.

Oda is not that bad a writer I would say.

Jew D. Boy

I Can Go Lower
There is 3 kind of Haki in One Piece. And we know that is CoA (Armament Haki), CoO (Observation Haki), CoC (Conqueror Haki).

So, when it comes to 1 vs 1 fight, do you think CoC is important?
Absolutely, CoC matters even mano a mano. The main property of the power that we’ve seen so far is to knock weaker opponents out so you narrow down the people who can withstand your initial spiritual blast, but it’s not like willpower stops being important at that point in a battle.

I think we’ll be able to see how important CoC is once someone (who am I kidding - Luffy) achieves the final stage of the power. I firmly believe that advanced CoC has to do with bending someone’s will to yours and compelling them to join their enemy’s side; not sure we’ll see it in Wano, maybe Elbaf when there should be a huge focus on spirit and integrity.
Advance CoC makes the opponent lose his will to fight and thus they can't fight with their full power. It's like mentally forcing them to give up the fight since it is meaningless. Like how Katakuri lost the will to fight Luffy. It makes the opponent doubt himself, thereby weakening him.

It gives an Advance CoC wieldng person, an opportunity to beat an opponent stronger in strength, speed or skill.
You made that bullshit up
Oda has drawn Conqueror's Haki clashes enough for us to know that Roger and Whitebeard used it in their clash. It doesn't have to be stated for the readers to reach that conclusion.

I'd even argue that Roger used Conqueror's Haki when he attacked Oden. How else would you explain Oden being completely dumbfounded by what he was just hit with? He's obviously not reacting to the armament haki because he already has it.


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My biggest issue with all top tiers having CoC is that it implies that people born without CoC are pretty much playing a rigged game and kills the Meritocracy of the One Piece world
I think Rayleigh or Chinjao said that people with CoC tend to make a name for themselves - so it isn't that CoC makes one a top tier, it's that people who have CoC have the determination to reach top tier.

And I think people don't realize how most of the named pirates/marines/revos are already in the top 1% of power in the world. So even if someone doesn't become a top tier, something like a super high high tier is still one of the strongest characters in the world. No person will be able to stomp them.