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Is Bleach Better than Kingdom?

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Summary by Jeeswag from TKC

Kanki's Army:
Kanki's troops are escorting the surrendered Zhao troops to different locations. Kanki's soldiers see the noticeable difference in numbers and say that if the Zhao were to start running even while being tied up they wouldn't be able to get them all. When one soldier thinks their side is getting full and goes to tell the leader the leader says the other places are more full and their side still has room comparatively.

Ringyoku meets up with Kokuou and Maron and says he heard Kokuou dealt with the guy trying to fight back. Kokuou says she wasn't able to kill him but he's severely wounded so he'll probably die on his own. Ringyoku says that he really thought this battle was the wrong move but says their boss is truly amazing. Kokuou says he's the best. Ringyoku says he wished that Kanki would've told the executives at least about his plan. Kokuou says that it seems like he only told Maron about it and he still tried to run because he didn't believe it'd work. Maron says that it's because it looked like they were really losing and that he only heard about the plan near the end. He believes Kanki probably told Raido about the plan. Kokuou gets mad that Raido was told, mad again when she realizes Raido heard about it even before Maron then even madder when Maron tells her that Ogiko was the messenger who told him. Ringyoku says the boss is really hard to read. Kokuou is having a self-crisis of where she stands in Kanki's mind compared to Raido.

Ringyoku notices something and asks Maron why he looks so gloom. Kokuou says it's probably because the number of enemies is far larger than what they were expecting. Ringyoku said it seemed like it was kind of a big deal. Kokuou yells at Maron to get it together and says his worries are like a booger compared to her worries. Maron asks her to shut up. Kokuou wants to meet with Kanki soon and they realize how close they are to the Zhao HQ now that the battle is over. Maron sees the soldiers in the distance and thinks it's incredible they were able to pull off the strategy of making the enemy surrender since there was no way for them to wipe them all out on their own.

The HSU is still fighting to go past the point beyond Eikyuu because they didn't get the message that Kochou has been slain. Then they notice the Zhao retreating and then they got a message from Maron that the Kanki army has won. Shin thinks they're lying and the messenger says there's no way he would lie about something like this. Then he says the HSU is to stay here then watch the situation of the surrendered Zhao soldiers.

Naki asks the messenger about what happened and asks if everyone's okay. The messenger says there's no need to say anything to a traitor but he's heard that Kanki, Maron and Kokuou were safe. He hasn't heard about the others.

Kanki HQ:
The executives get to the HQ but Kanki has left. A soldier says someone found Raido so Kanki went to that location. When they ask what the soldier means about "finding Raido" he asks them to come as well. On the way over Kokuou asks Maron if he didn't know where Raido was either and Maron says he didn't because he was running away. The soldier says that during the right wing's fight it seems like Raido was taken to Kochou's HQ. Ringyoku asks if it means he's dead. The soldier doesn't know the situation and says he was just told to bring the three. Kokuou doesn't believe that Raido would die that easily. Once they get there and sees Kanki he points towards the heads on the table. They don't see Raido but then Kanki tells them to look in the box. They open it up and sees Raido's body cut up in pieces. While they stand in disbelief the Saki clan comes by. The Saki clan says they got info from one of the Zhao that in order to get info from Raido they tore him to pieces. Despite that it appears Raido didn't say a word about the plan. Maron says that Raido knew Kanki's plan and if he were to have said anything it would've been their complete loss.

Kanki walks over to Raido's box and says the ugly got uglier. That he told him to not fight recklessly and to run away when things got bad. It's because he didn't listen to him that it ended up this way and Kanki calls him an idiot while turning his head. Kokuou asks who did it and the Saki clan says it was Kochou and a few others. Unfortunately Kochou is dead and the others committed suicide except for one. Kanki asks how many and the Saki clan says he said "one." Kanki says he wasn't asking him and that he was asking Maron. The Saki clan says "Kanki are you..." then Kanki asks Maron how many it was again.

Break next week!
Kanki killed innocent civilian even kids now getting mad over death of dog..

The way he treat his allies , in the next campaign no one gonna help him (specially trio)
So far in all major wins he got help of one of the trio (he used them as bait most of the time tho)
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