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Is Bleach Better than Kingdom?

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Kanki killed innocent civilian even kids now getting mad over death of dog..

The way he treat his allies , in the next campaign no one gonna help him (specially trio)
So far in all major wins he got help of one of the trio (he used them as bait most of the time tho)
nah in hill bottle he win without shin involvement
shin kill kesha was extra aacivment
He won that battle because Keisha was dead. If Keisha was still alive that strategy wouldn't have worked, because it relied on that one guy’s (can't remember his name) strong ties to Rigan.
even if shin did't manage to take keisha
at least kanki plan would have removed 30k enemies from the battle
this is so much
then the battle would have been alot easier
and kanki will take keisha easily whoever took his head shin or any soilder .

also if you are looking at like this
then if not for shin ohon and moten
ousen would have wiped out and no diffed by riboku in shokai battle
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You are really suffering with English scans

it's really wired that no other team has started translating kingdom ?!
no fans ?!
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shin will stop kanki

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Kanyou receives news that Kanki has won and taken the head of Kochou. They're confused because the previous report said that they were the ones on the verge of annihilation but the messengers confirm that they have indeed turned it around. They begin to celebrate praising Kanki and saying that despite having doubts about him joining the Qin 6 he has done remarkably and that it's a good sign for the Qin 6. As they wonder what changed the only thing they know on their side is that the HSU joined the fray. They don't know if that's exactly what led to the victory but regardless Shoubunkun congratulates Sei on the victory and says they will soon be able to reach the Zhao King at Kantan. Sei says to himself that Kanki really fought well.


Kantan also receives news that Kochou was fallen at the hands of Kanki and they are turning to Kakukai for direction.

Qin side:

Ousen's camp receives news of Kanki's victory and at Kanki's side it wasn't over yet. Marron asks Kanki if they're really going through with it and Kanki doesn't say anything. At the HSU HQ the messenger is back to everyone's disappointment. He tells the HSU that they are ordered to chase down the fleeing Zhao right away as far back as the Heiyou castle to prevent any of them from coming back to where they are. Karyoten says they can just watch the situation from there but the messenger says that's not good enough and that they need to move their entire army to make sure the enemy doesn't have any funny ideas about coming back. The messenger leaves saying this is an order from one of the Six Greats. Shin says they'll leave the injured and head out then. Kyoukai asks if she can stay back but Karyoten says it'd be better if her and her unit joined them. Shin asks if she was injured and Kyoukai says it's not that but she feels like something's off. The HSU headed off from that location.

Kanki camp:

The Kanki army is taking a group of Zhao soldiers at a time to a different location. One of the Zhao asks Kanki's soldier where they're being taken and Kanki's soldier says he doesn't know exactly but there are rumors of them being let go. The Zhao soldier is shocked at how early they're being let go and thinks it's a good thing they surrendered to Ousen's army. Kanki's soldier forgot that the Zhao thought they were from Ousen's army and wonders why Kanki is letting these guys go because that's actually the rumor that he heard. The Zhao soldiers are being transferred from one family to the next and walking a fair distance away. The Zhao soldiers think it makes sense because they can't be let go so close to the other Zhao soldiers. The Zhao are relieved thinking about how they can see their families again after this and tells themselves to endure a little longer.

They get to the next transfer spot and the Kanki soldiers tell them to take a break and get on their knees. Kanki's soldiers say they'll give them water so the Zhao soldiers should look down. As the Zhao look down their heads are chopped off. Kanki's soldiers wonder if they're about halfway through and one of them say they're about halfway to being half done. This process keeps repeating until a few groups are left at the camp and the executioners come over instead to kill the remaining Zhao soldiers. This happened all around Kanki's army camp and was a genocide of the Zhao. Ringyoku comes to tell Marron that it's finally over and Marron says alright with his face covered.

The narration says the Shiji records show that in the 13th year Kanki attacked Eikyuu castle, killed Kochou and beheaded 100,000 Zhao soldiers.

No break next week!
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Kyoukai asks if she can stay back but Karyoten says it'd be better if her and her unit joined them. Shin asks if she was injured and Kyoukai says it's not that but she feels like something's off.
Not sure what this scene is supposed to mean..
Does Ten also feel something is not right, and she doesn't want Kyokai and her small unit face Kanki's army alone?

I guess Ten knows something is wrong in Kanki's side, and if Kyokai and the left behind unit know what happened, they might face Kanki's whole army and got killed by them. Thus it is safer to just stick together.
Lol ofc he would send Shin away, can't have another Mangoku unfold in front of his eyes

We will get more display of the double edged sword the 6GG system has

Maybe they wont find out till much later of this massacre, perhaps in the next war there's a reason they took the prisoners away little by little tho the reason could simply be the large numbers.

Sugimoto 14

I read the last 20 chapters today after not reading Kingdom for 6 months. The start of this arc was boring and shitty, but the last 10 chapters were amazing! Kanki is an incredible character.

But this decision by Kanki will backfire in some way. Let's see how. Time for
Kanki vs Riboku