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Is Bleach Better than Kingdom?

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Hara just tweeted this

Translation: "Today is Thursday, the release date of Weekly Young Jump, but I'm sorry, Kingdom is on break. I've been working all the time."

SBS horse? :quest:
spoiler analysis !!

it seems Zhaou dogs are struggling but then then they saw something and started smiling and their moral became better.

so it means SBS was in a bad situation or someone put him in bad situation
but he overcome it .
this why we see their happy faces.

I think ousen or gis generals made a trick or trap on SBS .
maybe 3 vs 1 .

Lee Ba Shou

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Yeah upon further review I can’t see how this isn’t an advantageous situation for Zhao. Of course it’s only two inconclusive panels but the fact that Hara would choose to tease the chapter with these two panels in particular must mean we’re about to get some kind of Shibashou hype moment.

The biggest threat to Zhao’s victory is that it looks like Akou and Sou Ou brought additional troops with them which will delay Shibashou reaching Ousen even more. Shin inbound seeming more and more likely.
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