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relateable lmao, but I dont mind grinding 2 weeks tog et stuff, I extra keep my 60x resin thing for those cases hehe
all my artifacts are pretty mediocre, I just had luck with my Hu Tao artifacts a bit I guess, oh and Zhongli I guess
I wanted a Claymore for Eula.

No material to ascend it and now Wolf Claymore is stuck at level 20 and not strong yet...
I remember I wanted to build pity for Hu Tao and get some 4 star constellations, but then Keqing appeared 10 rolls in the Hu Tao banner and I didn‘t get Hu Tao.
oh i got jean on hutao banner randomly after 20 rolls iirc

never was able to get hutao after ward rikt
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im enjoying this razor xingqie kaeya comp rn

actually sick af for 3 4 star champs

razor hits like a truck with rain swords and kaeya ult spinning around him, electrocharging, superconducting, freezing, shattering everything lmao

add venti support as cherry on top to shuffle one of those elements together in his ult lol
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refined sacrificial sword on xingqie is too op

u have pretty much perma rain swords lol

perma 30%+ damage reduction and 6% heal on each sword over and over
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