I’m just saying, Rhea could potentially join the Imformer alliance if we give her a warm welcome...with the campaign Drago’s been staging lately, we need all the reinforcements we can find :kizabat:
Just you alone would be enough for him.

But you raised good point. Well then go ahead my man.
Ok, sorry for the incovenience.
@BangMi @Trismegistus @Jew D. Boy , let's move from here :optimistic:

You can continue.
Yepp, I can continue but not here.
Thank you for the reminder btw, and nice to meet you :daydream:
Nah I was kidding.

You can continue here.

If you need any help against anyone especially the ones with Red and Green Username color then you can contact @Trismegistus and @Jew D. Boy - One of the cool users here.

And, yes nice to meet you.
This vote of confidence means everything...I will not let you down, my liege, Drago will be handled in due time :fujilaugh: