Break Week How LARGE do you want the Final War to be?

What is your preferred scale?

  • Just the Nakama

    Votes: 7 12.7%
  • Grand fleet is okay

    Votes: 1 1.8%
  • Usual allies (Law)

    Votes: 2 3.6%
  • More allies (Wano, Zu, etc)

    Votes: 4 7.3%
  • Summon Everyone!!!!!!!

    Votes: 41 74.5%

  • Total voters
The very nature of a “final war” necessitates that everyone should be involved in it.

However there are very few characters that are actually consequential.

5 Gorosei
13 holy knights( Garling had 12 silhouettes alongside him in Kuma’s flashback)

all need to be dealt with somehow. Hence I imagine Oda will go the wano route.

Rooftop 5 Vs Imu —-> Luffy vs Imu

Zoro vs Nasjuro
Sanji vs Mars
Koby and Smoker vs Walcury
Kid vs Peter
Law vs Saturn

SHs + Grand fleet vs holy knights

Garp and Sengoku vs Kong
Dragon and Sabo vs Akainu and GB
>> Kizaru quits after egghead and Fuji resigns before the final war as well

Seraphim vs Cross Guild (off screen)
You said Wano route, but then you put up Luffy's underlings against the Gorosei? I'm just sayin', but I don't recall Zoro or the Cook beating a Yonko in Wano. :nicagesmile::emohiyo:
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Please no Fuku vs Raizo types of fight in between top tiers clashing.
Momoron to show Uo Uo awakening in the Final War confirmed, right, @MonsterKaido? :catsweat:


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Why even bother to create the biggest war in the entire manga to shrink it's length down East Blue level?
It would kill of the immersion and credibility.

Marineford was basically a teaser for what is supposed to come and lasted like 30 chapters?
I know

But Wano has shown us Oda couldn't handle massive characters in one arc.

It'll be very messy in Final arc when too much characters is involved.

MarineFord was good because it was very straightforward and good pacing.
Thus ended in 30 chapters and we don't fell much rushing

Obviously 30 chapters in final war is an exaggeration.

But with MarineFord style pacing and just focus on major plot points,
Off-panelling all mid things and secondary characters fights etc.

Things could go smooth and we don't feel much rushing.

70 chapters might be ideal, around 2.5 years


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I am vouching for the "Everyone Piece" theory. Everyone will be there at Lough Tale to fight for the One Piece. Yonkos, their fleets/allies/followers, Navy, World Government fighting forces, Revolutionaries.
Tbh I don't care if it's long or not but I don't want onigashima 2.0 but it all depends on the time editors are the ones who tell loda when the arc should finish so I hope no waste of pannels without purposes or crrate a plot and not able to finish because of this
Bigger than Marineford. I don’t really trust Oda with the endgame of OP though. He will 100% screw it up with worthless characters, terrible designs, and excessive fodder panels. Oh there will be a lot of running too. Maybe 15-20 chapters of it. The focus won’t really be on the Straw Hats at all. I hope I’m wrong but my expectations are very very low after Wano.
When we had Marineford, I wanted to see the epic end war.
Now I'm so traumatized by Wano and the raid mess that I'd rather see something like Crimson Sky plan in Shogun.

....but we are getting a mess bigger than the freaking Wano raid, aren't we :josad:
Honestly, I DON'T want a final war... something like Enies Lobby 2.0 would be great for me. Yeah, I know that it's gonna happen and it'll be of the largest scale possible (possibly with every character -- ally or former villain, plus the main villains of the WG -- we have seen so far), I already accepted that... but Oda just can't handle wars. Wano was an even bigger mess than Dressrosa or Marineford (yeah, I know Dressrosa isn't a "war arc", but it was kinda similar, with many characters fighting at the same time).
Not too big honestly, because of Oda's tendency to create useless, uninteresting Mary Sue characters that do not enhance or further the story, and solely exist to waste time. Knowing that, if there is a big final war arc, expect to shift through 100+ irrelevant characters and their back stories, with only a small chance of our favorite characters getting any limelight sans Luffy.