Character Discussion I don't like Yamato

In my eyes, Yamato is arguably one of the most uninspiring characters that Oda has come up with thus far. I will give reasons as to why I feel this way so if you disagree with me bring valid arguments to the table.

1. Yamato's design.

Females in OP usually follow the same pattern in terms of their design. This isn't something that usually bothers me but the issue here is that it feels very unconvincing that Yamato is supposed to be Kaido's child because of her average design. Comparatively speaking, most of Big Mom's daughters' have idiosyncratic designs that add to the credibility of them being BM's children. Yamato just doesn't have that.

2. Yamato's relationship to Luffy & the alliance.

Ever since her introduction she is basically just a plot device there to help Luffy and the others to fight against Kaido. There is no attempt for us to feel like her motivation for killing her own father is realistic. There is no gradual build-up with her motives. It's literally just her meeting Luffy and ''hey, I'm going to help you defeat my father'' or ''hey, we just met but let me on your crew''.
Most of the members within the alliance didn't just immediately join but we see them deciding to fight against Kaido and Orochi through their own personal convictions which makes it feel realistic and earned. Yamato is literally fighting against her own family but the credibility behind it feels ridiculous.

3. Yamato's role in general.

It's very common for Oda to introduce a lot of characters within an arc and that's fine but the issue is that a large percent of those characters end up doing almost nothing relevant. This brings up the question why some of these characters were even brought into the story in the first place. This is were Yamato comes into place. What has she done so far? Yamato has been running with Momonosuke and Shinobu fighting against fodder and pointless shenanigans even though it has already been established that Momo isn't going to die. Do we really need a side-plot like this in the semi- endgame of OP?
Oda could have simply skipped all of those pages and focussed on the Tobbi Roppo and the calamites which have been on the side lines for a very long time.
Right now she is a shit tier character like many others, given writing with her character so far, she has a good setup but all her interaction are shit and useless. And the Oden thing I hope there is some actual proper reason for doing so because it has ruined all her panels for her. Though I still am not sure why she was introduced so late and oda doing so hopefully has very good. Though oda has been piling up all my disappointments so far. At one time I was a bit positive about her character and that oda will be handling her character very well though. But even last chapter I still see the same kind of interaction from with stupid Oden thing especially since he could have used her own personal issues with her dad.
she's very immature/childish for her age, she's supposed to be 28 yo but she's still that same girl who witnessed oden's execution. kaido's beating and imprisoning her in onigashima for 20 years seams to have halted her mental growth.
the entire onigashima is on fire and she still wants to play house. lol
"i'll defeat kaido because i'm oden" "oden was a man so i"m too" "if momonosuke is oden son then that's make him my son"
she's a loli in the body of a milf :usosmug:
you have yamato and then you have hyouri:emohiyo: at least the latter showed some growth.
Yamato is the latest obnoxious shitstain Oda is trying to force down the fandom’s throat. The reality is that if you met her in real life, most sane people would call the psych ward or the police. She’s 28, acts like 8, LARPs a dead dude in front of his traumatised and wounded son and jacks off to his diary which she squirrels under her bed or alternatively between her breasts. She literally has no original personality and her neverending on-panel masturbation to the equally turdlike loser Oden is a hundred times more off putting than Rebecca’s crying. At least Rebecca is 16 acting 16. Yamato needs psychiatric treatment for her delusions and obvious developmental stuntedness.