Is Paying for Sex really a bad thing???

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Shut yo dumbass up

Give this men a trophy for the best comment of this month...

Who are the best ones in onlyfans? Asking for a friend
Probably Bella Delphine, she get something above 2-3millions only via OF, probably even more..
Even the average onlyfan girls get over 10k Dollar easily each month, yeah I know we doing something wrong.

Overall great topic, we all know friends who did it, basically in my old school multiple boys do that after a football game.
As long as you go into a professional brothel who didn´t use the girls as slave/or forced prostitution, I don´t mind it if people do it.
People literally sell their bodies 12hours each day at the work, getting his back crushed day for day,get screamed by the boss for no reason, it doesn´t matter if you get clapped in office or via payed sex.
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