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How important do you guys think Drake will be this arc? I have a fear he'll be sidelined.
Like BangMi and Rayan basically said, I also feel like he will be outshined by Luffy/Law/Kidd at this point (though initially I did believe Drake would play a big role next to Luffy and Law pre-timeskip), but aside from that, I just wonder if Wano is not going to be Drake's big moment for feats and backstory information--then when? I really feel like he was built up for some great things on Wano.

Post-Wano/Onigashima was brought up, and there is a chance there I think, as well.

As far as being sideline completely, I don't think so. There are a lot of characters in Wano, but I just can't help the feeling that we will be seeing a lot of Drake during Wano and then maybe not again until down the line with the Marines depending where Oda decides to go with Drake's character.

As far as outshining others many other important characters, probably not, but still a sizable role overall once Wano is said and done with.