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you demand the abolishment of the section, the answer will always be "no"
not abolish, just have cross games there / be allowed to invite more members there / advertize their games here. a fair amount already play there

this works in reverse too, ofcourse. we will advertize WG games there. this section mostly hosts SRM games now. smaller games dont fill nearly as fast. thats fine we can customize it for SRM and make it an SRM haven lol
In all seriousness, unless I have developed dementia, Al has talked about having a collab, and I think that's kind of an issue if we can't even post links. If the collab is no longer a thing (or never was, apparently?) then...?
That was in feb
This is 10 days ago or so lol.

sorry no links are allowed here
This is such a weird rule considering a ton of us play on multiple sites and know what site players are referring to anyway.
its a forum rule so can't change it just for a sub section

AL sama

Red Haired
lets just have everyone from WG and NF go to OLF to play mafia. that site is much more optimized for mafia

we got dice and a variety of reacts you can use on posts and the skin colors dont hurt your eyes while reading, and cooldown for non vip scrubs to post is like 5 seconds not 30

downsides are - so far we can only tag 25 players per post (might have been moved to 30. admin was discussing it), and avatar sizes are smaller (direct nerf to alibaba's power level)

aside from that OLF is superior in anything mafia related
get good with your jokes kekko
Take your time mafia people, no need to rush into things. The WG OLF collab is a good thing, a venn diagram would show ya you aint all that different. Especially in the bones, both you started as rebellious splinter groups from OJ and NF respectedly. We love our and our mafia and we’re hoping to stay level headed and in communicado

I can read you all like colouring in books