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Who are your favorite cahracters this season?

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Amazing episode once again! Anime in this winter season isn't fucking around.

Seeing Calamity Mob wreak havoc makes me imagine what an evil Saitama would look like.

Teruki did an amazing job standing up to Mob, but it's sad that once again he's lost his hair. But this time he put it on the line for good so ig he won't be too mad lol

And to say I didn't expect Boss to show up would be an understatement. That was from way out of left field and it felt like some action movie scene.

Again forgot to watch the preview for the next one so I'll let it remain that way


Best Son
this is the Red Hair of Shonen, all these epic moments, and all the characters can shine on stage during this quick intervalls, it is great and intense and now we got a clearer picture on what is going on, Ritsu's moment was also sweet, he really deserved a whole episode for just him and mob, but I guess this was also fine :endthis:
this was a quick but pleasurely dragging experience for me, I stand by Mob AotY for me. Will make sure to enjoy next week to the fullest.


There's no "Tina!"
Honestly, an amazing end to a brilliant story. This episode showed us that it wasn't just Mob, but Reigen accepting himself as well. What would Mob think if he really told Mob what he was? And him mustering up the courage to face the truth enabled Mob to do it in the end as well.

It's ironic that Reigen says that he isn't his Master, because he literally taught Mob his final and most important lesson - accepting himself. Oh, I also loved the sequence when 99 by Mob Choir played. The animation and seeing Reigen struggle to tell Mob his feelings and help him out literally brought tears to my eyes.

I badly wanted him to touch Mob on the shoulder, but seeing Dimple again come and help Reigen do that was built up beautifully to the complete and happy ending we got in the end.

Loved the anime, the characters, the songs and the entire journey. It's now 100% complete and it was beautiful.