Questions & Mysteries "My audience will not be satisfied if Luffy defeats Kaido just because his punch is so strong"-Eichirro Oda [Paraphrased]

Did Oda Let Himself Down?

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Oda was clearly stating that a strong punch can't be the only reason (hence "just because"). There have to be other reasons.

I pointed this shit out years before Luffy beat Kaido, but people love playing (or being) dumb. Luffy always wins with a "strong punch".

This quote gave so much copium to Zolo boys it's hilarious

Apparently according to Oda, DF power that makes a punch stronger and haki power that makes a punch stronger, is different from a stronger punch or a stronger puncher. Hmm...stronger haki or stronger DF power being different than a punch or a tool...What does it mean from WSS fanbase standpoint? :crocusuh: