[FNZ] Light game Naruto Chunin Exams Filler Game

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Ya thats what i saw as well i think beta has lot of potential in him to be great mafia player. I feel he let the trigger or anger get to him quickly .
You lot don’t understand Lord beta like we do, you need to have watched rick and morty 5 times before considering peering into the infinite chasm that is his wisdom :smithnie:
For at the 11th hour you shall hear of the people he beta’ed
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Honestly if you didn't listen to me that day and lynched Beta, I was ready to quit the game :sadgrin:
Twas gonna be a repeat of the cats game! I fully expected you to get lynched that day :p


Throughout Heaven & Earth,I alone am d Honored One
At times you overdo it. You didn't trust me until the last second lol, and not even then. You GOTTA brand some people as town to play better.
I branded four people as twonie. It was enough.

Your gameplay didn't make me feel that you are twonie for sure so I didn't trust you completely
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