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Hello everyone,

We staff members hear your suggestions and try as best as to satisfy them. :catpole:

For this reason then, we aim at doing improvements, not only for your own forum experience, but also for the forum existence. One of the suggestions we've heard of some members was the capability to change tags, and thus for this reason, i decided to open an area with standard tags(made by @Dragomir ) that could be of use.

To reach that area, you need to follow the steps shown on the screen below

Small note: These tags are standards and for this reason, purchasing them only grants you the ability to change your tag to the available list, and this for a listed period of time

Furthermore, for the VIP members, i made a subtle change in your privileges in accordance to some of your requests.

- Can request to change your tags with whatever tags you want(including the standard ones presented above) with no limit for as long as i'm available
- Can change username color with or without sparkling
- Can upload attachments to conversations
- Can edit user title
- Can bypass minimum time between messages(30seconds) and discussions(60seconds)
- Can create thread tags /bypass user content taglimit
- Can tag any threads including your own
- Have a private VIP Forum access to post things you want

You can then try it out now to see the changes :super:


Also Staff members are an important piece to regulate a forum. For this reason then, i have to announce quite a few changes that occured in our team

@Haoshoku isn't a mod anymore. I'd like to thank him for all the work he did in the team, but due to real life reasons, his time was limited in continuing his role for a long period of time. In the meantime, @RayanOO integrates our mod team from now on.

Hope y'all to continue to enjoy your time on Worstgen. :optimistic:

Nothing would be possible without you.

-- The Worstgen Staff


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@Bogard @Pantheos

I noticed that the only way to become a Patron or buy the new tags is a credit card system. Do you plan on introducing a mobile payment system in the future? :D

That would be way more feasible for me personally, I'm not sure how other users feel about it personally.

My credit card is currently unusable :( but I'll see what I can do about it.
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