Who will be the Next Strawhat?

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No, but seriously, it could be such a cool twist. And I can totally see Oda's adding Kizaru's sad flashback.
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I can't differenciate if you are all just trolling or if you truely think that Kizaru is a possible candidate.
Both. Mostly trolling in my case, but I actually entertain the idea and I can see it work. And I won't even be too mad that the last spot is taken not by a female character, even though I wanted one to kinda even the dynamics in the crew.
can't believe kuma not added to the poll


imo he coming with bonney, oda already did all work/clue build up for kuma. luffy gonna free him, and take bonney with him.

that saturn has had to much fixation on kuma, it horrible, can't wait for luffy to smash the gross spider!
Nah if kuma and Bonney survive this they aren’t becoming pirates. They’re just going to travel the world.