Who will be the next Strawhat

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Pero-kun there's still something unresolved with old Carrot. We need some sort of confirmation that she took the shady deal. Or at least a chapter or 2 on the Sunny where she doesn't appear.
Carrot didn't get a goodbye scene in Zou, either, because she was on the ship.

I think next chapter will be Cross Guild, since Oda has gone with this schedule for the breaks:
Pre Wano: Reverie
Post Act 1: Blackbeard
Post Act 2: Post Reverie
Post Act 3: ????

So far, it's been Reverie, then Pirates, and, since Shanks got his in Film Red, the next pirate to focus on would no doubt me... BUGGY!!!

I hope we get Carrot/Bounties next chapter, too, though. Get Carrot/Bounties, then transition into Cross Guild for a break. That's the dream for me, currently.
Yamato is not a Nakama, and our prophet C4N was right all along.
We got subverted.
I don't think Yamato ever called herself Nakama or asked to be nakama. She asked for a ride like shirahoshi.
The only one that asked to join as Nakama was Tama. And she got the yes.
She just need to train for a while and join later. Just like Coby trained in less than 2 months with Garp and was strong enough post-EL.
Carrot? Never in contention for the title.
I think yamato, momo and kinemon are joining after wano borders are lifted. They cant join untill world govt is still threatening them from outside.

So all 3 of them have same status as vivi right now.
I see that "Yamato will join eventually" is the new cope:pepecafe:
If we’d been given a good finale scene like we got with Jinbei that would have been annoying, but a good enough argument

But Yamato’s literally punted to the side to focus on Momo, so it doesn’t really make me care or want her to join. There’s more reason to want Momo in the future since Luffy said he thinks of him as a little brother and invited him as well.
Kin'emon, Momonosuke and Yamato are now locked in to join at a later date. We can now assume Vivi can offically join later based off the news about her father. The Strawhats would have Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji, Vivi, Chopper, Robin, Franky, Brook, Jinbe, Kin'emon, Momonosuke and Yamato.

By using the logic of there being no repeating letters of the alphabet at the start of the crew's first names, you could rationalise who will be next to join the crew. With the letters, B, C, F, J, K, L, M, N, R, S, U, V, Y and Z taken, this would leave A, D, E, G, H, I, O, P, Q, T, W and X remaining. With this being the Final Saga of One Piece the map to figuring who these letters symbolise can be deducted from the remaining plot points.

  • A. Arbel has been waiting for Joy Boy. I Imagine he'll want to join to avenge the Lunarians.
  • D. With Kin taking the K spot. Koby can no longer join as the "Marine". Drake joining would fulfil the debt he owes to Luffy.
  • E. Enel. He's probably related to Uranus somehow.
  • G. Sanji fed Gin when he was hungry once. Also possible tenth titanic captain of the BB pirates.
  • H. When Luffy and crew overthrow the Celestial Dragons, I'd guess Hancock would want to join at this point in the story. Maybe she'll join sooner due to Cross Guild.
  • I. We all want Bon Clay in the crew. However Ivankov starts with I and can join. Bon Clay would then replace Ivankov as Queen of Kamabakka Kingdom just like Carrot replaced Inu and Neko.
  • O. Oars III or Onimaru seem like reasonable additions.
  • P. Perona will most likely be involved with the Blackbeard arc since it involves Moria. She also knows Zoro and also has duality with Brook who can also turn into a ghost.
  • Q and X. Q only has Doc Q and Queen. X only has Rocks D. Xebec as options to fill these letters.
  • T. Tama could join. Maybe she'll force her ninja master to turn her into an adult like Momo.
  • W. Wyper may have something to do with Uranus. Also has a possible connection to Arbel.
The current poll needs to be removed after 1058 so we could vote anew, this one quite stinks we don't need to see these numbers and some characters in there anymore
Yeah I‘ll make a new one when the new arc properly starts. There’s usually a few “rest of the world reacts” chapters when an arc is finished, I’ll wait until that’s done.
Ok I had to check, I'm too curious.

Just a quick note:

Lol not really. The "subverting expectations" was for Carrot joining. The argument was that Yamato was a red herring for Carrot joining as a twist.

The CarrotforNakama theory and Yamato not joining are two completely different theories.

The subversive affirmation was not meant to apply to Carrot. It was always about Yamato not joining.

The only thing that linked those two theory is that Yamato was just a red hearing for Carrot, nothing more. There were no subversive affirmation concerning Carrot.

And remember: The CarrotForNakama theory has not ended yet.
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