Who will be the next Strawhat

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You might want to reread my post again. Nothing about her eyes, eyebrow and nose resembles Nami. Her horns and hair are entirely different.

Luffy has that exact same smile at points. I already said Oda has a female differentiation problem, Yamato is really not one of them. Vivi/Rebecca? Now those are carbon copies of Nami.

Look at the differences there and you can stop refuting this
her nose is stolen straight from namiand eyes are almost the same and any way they didnt join the crew
Are you happy with how Oda has used Carrot as a character so far in Wano?
I wouldn't say I'm happy, but I'm not the one writing the story. I've gone on record saying many times I can only speculate what Oda intends to do. Knowing how Oda writes his characters and seeing how Carrot has fared in the narrative only frustrates me.

The thing I've constantly said is that nothing about Carrot as a character makes sense, in that if she was truly irrelevant, she wouldn't be where she is in the story and how far she is in terms of it, but her lack of direct presence in the narrative always confused me. It's clear Carrot has a reason for being in the story, there's a reason why narratively speaking Carrot had to be the one to go to and from WCI with the crew as opposed to Pedro as initially planned, there's a reason why she had to be made aware of the Dawn when she didn't know of it before. The frustration comes in when I don't immediately get to know that answer and we won't know till it becomes important for the audience to know why. So thus, we wait and that unfortunately is where we are at now and have been at for a long time. Until she shines again and the story wants to remind us why Carrot was required to be in the situations she was in and justifies her presence for over 4 years, waiting for that spotlight to fall is really the only thing we can do and speculate. That's where I am. However, I've supported Carrot since Chapter 823 since I found it strange she'd even be a part of their group to begin with and have done so since.

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I see my friend Luffy bin Dragon (and my nemesis Dizzy) going in on Paperchampion and acting like Oda won’t make Yamato a Straw Hat purely because she bears a passing resemblance to Nami. Hard to take that argument seriously in the face of everything else that points to her joining the crew, and yet, it’s still their strongest defense :smart::luuh:
I still don't see Yamato as a straw hat. She has neither a goal to achieve anything in particular nor did she show us a role. All she wants is to see the world. I still remember this argument being used against Carrot. And now it's just being ignored. Chopper wants to see the world but has the goal to create a panacea to achieve what his mentor could not achieve.

If Yamato gets a goal and shows a role then I'll change my mind
Yeah but thing carrot she hasn’t really had arc certain around her character as opposed to Yamato. She hasn’t given sort backstory with her as character before she met pedro. The only thing carrot going with history straw hats, possible role, and personality. There nothing past and arc certain around her as character. The only highlight thing that fans remember suslong. Ever sine we land wano her significance has been diminishing push to the background.
See even if I like it or not. This is an open ticket.

Carrot4nakama is straight-up delusion at t his point. Her importance to the story atm is to jobb for Perospero unless our lovely writer wants to show off his flawless writing once again and let two fodder minks beat Commander Sanjidate.
yes because powerscaling comes before the story im really glad you aint writing OP and that goes for most people on the forum
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