Chapter Discussion Oda not only ruined Nami’s 1v1 this arc, but he also ruined her fighting style in the span of half a chapter.

Did Oda ruin Nami’s fighting style and 1v1 this arc?

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If Oda executed it in a good way as you say, then why are so many people having issues with this fight or lack of fight???
Because people thought that this would be the arc where every Strawhat gets their proper 1v1 fight and victory, like in the old days. Which is understandable, but expectations not being met or not having your wishes fulfilled isn't something you should criticize. Unless the author gives you a reason to have these expectations, which I didn't see.
If Nami is not strong enough now, then when???
It's just my personal opinion, but I don't see that much of a gap between Ulti and the opponents to come for Nami. Catarina Devon and Stussy at best, and I don't see those miles ahead of Ulti. Physically weaker but with trickier abilities is what I expect, still basically the same level though. Which means that if Nami were already capable of defeating Ulti by herself, she wouldn't need to grow anymore. Or if she did grow, she would already surpass her future opponents.
What was the point of the timeskip if only Luffy seems to benefit from it. This is weak storytelling. Having Big Mom hurt some of the Flying Six is giving the notion that the SH ain't ready for the New World.
Well, that's just an exaggeration. Zoro and Sanji benefited from it by getting Haki, Usopp got the Pop Greens, Chopper, Brook and Robin improved their df powers and Franky's weaponry is more super than ever. Nami's improvement is a bit lackluster, that's true. But I don't think that the problem is that she didn't get any... we just never saw much of it.

BUT. There's a difference between "being ready for the New World" and "being ready for the strongest people in the New World".
Luffy got improvements since Whole Cake Island and still was defeated by Kaido multiple times. Zoro got Enma. Sanji got the Raid Suit. Chopper now has the improved Monster Point. And Nami got Zeus who wasn't present at the time when she needed him, so Big Mom had to swoop in. But that's the lesson to me: Nami NEEDS Zeus. She didn't want him after his betrayal and especially not in her clima tact. But it is necessary.

And I hope this mini-plot isn't over yet. I want Nami to acknowledge the fact that she needs Zeus. I want to see her train with him after the war. And I want her to tell Zeus that he has to do what she tells him to and not do things on his own. If these things don't happen then I might criticize all of this in hindsight, but as it stands now I see a potential way for it to have more purpose than just getting this "fight" over with.