Chapter Discussion Oda not only ruined Nami’s 1v1 this arc, but he also ruined her fighting style in the span of half a chapter.

Did Oda ruin Nami’s fighting style and 1v1 this arc?

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first this is not the final fight against Ulti

second when it comes to her new fighting style I think Zeus will be a great addition, the problem Zeus had is he didn't make a strong team with Prometheus and Napoleon but Nami will prove them wrong, the development of Nami and Zeus will lead to them making a strong team mainly because of Nami knowledge and skills and "Kindness"

also ultimately Oda is building up to Nami having a big role in the fight against Big Mom where Nami weather manipulation will be the focus and Zeus confronting BM and Hera

so basically wait and see how it will turn out in the end then judge
You mean the Kalifa bullshit where she completely relied on her new devil fruit instead of just using any Rokushiki technique? Yeah, that was brilliant. :gokulaugh:
What are you talking about? Kalifa used Rokushiki throuhout the fight with Nami.

And actually drew blood, had her dodge, had some tactics, all the things that were notably missing from Nami vs Ulti

I expected more from the fight. It was spread out quite a bit, there was interference then it ends abruptly this chapter since all Nami needed to do was land a final big hit after Big Mom got involved. Hopefully the other Straw Hats' fights get more panels (though looking at how we've barely seen any of Jimbei vs Who's Who, I'm already worried).
Firstly, Nami isn't a fighter among the crew. She always uses cheats to win, even on an arc prior to this she used Big Mom's Vivre card to pull a win.
Secondly, Tobi Roppo were hyped too much. Noone expected anyone from the weakling trio to pull a 1 Vs 1 win against them.
Lastly, it's a step up from her previous power-level. Everyone has to up their game and Oda actually did it beautifully with this one. Just because Zeus can help her on auto-pilot doesn't mean she won't be flying herself.
Firstly, Nami isn't a fighter among the crew. She always uses cheats to win, even on an arc prior to this she used Big Mom's Vivre card to pull a win.
Even if she isn't a fighter, did this hold Oda up of giving her great battles in Alabasta and Enies lobby against far stronger opponents? Yes or no? Didn't she get crazy good fight in the past like in Alabasta and Enies Lobby. @Garp the Fist already show great fight panels and compare to Kalifa fight.

Because Nami beeing not a fighter doesn't mean she and Ulti don't deserve a good write battle, can you guys stop with this nonsense about Nami not beeing a fighter pls? If or not, she legit had great battles who easily top 80% of the post ts battles. Nami don't need to be a fighter to get a good battle cmon guys...

Second, did Nami one shot Ulti in recent chapter or not? Myself said in past always that Nami was below Ulti, I didn't expect a clear 1on1 fight. But Ulti was nerfed, so a victory in a hard battle would be far better then a cheap shot. No one expect Nami to beat a Ulti in a 1on1 battle. But with Ulti beeing nerfed, we expect for a great battle. With didn't happen, Nami get a cheap victory without even doing anything.

People wait over 10years and 400chapter to get a proper strawhat battle. Are people not feel anything anymore. Trying to ruine people dream for a good content battle?
These arguments with you guys use is not working when we literally wait over 400chapters to get a proper Nami battle with we didn't get.
Let’s not forgot Usopp vs Page One amidst all this, which was even worse and had zero payoff- as opposed to Nami vs Ulti having shit payoff.
Yeah wtf
At least nami got an official win under her belt
Even though she was completely useless against ulti
It’s still count as a win for here
So ulti’s defeat served a purpose

But wtf was the point of big mom one shotting pageone????
Did big mom really need to be hyped rofl ???
That only backfires at Nami

Any logical Nami fan would love to see Nami in a more deadly fight than off-screening any attack on her
Let alone get the job done by Big Mom 90% and Zeus 10%
i'm really amaze about all Nami and Usopp did in Onigashima is just running and getting saved by somebody from the beginning until now.

let alone Tama's dango, even Chopper got better things to do more than this duo