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Thats the best chapter in the entire post-ts-manga

Amazing Oda can still draw battles without talking and skipping I love this chapter I read it like 10 times since it come out with this chapter Oda released the first chapter to compete with his new competitors since chapter 999 I'm waiting for him to skip to Otama and seeing her running away from fodder for pages but no chapters in row are amazing beginning with chapter 995-1003/1004 will be Volume 99
This volume is the one I cant wait to buy action packed volume incoming lets hope Oda will draw the next two chapters with this pace he got on now
Please no more Rebecca or Otama
The spoilers lines made me think it was an okayish chapter, glad the chapter is way better.

Luffy is rocking honestly, tanking and damaging like a true top fighter. He is now in the highest tier of One Piece, just needs more experiences and fights to become a top top tier and soon the PK. I assume he is using adv.coa because we saw in the chapter 923, that Luffy's attacks in G4 were useless but now it's working. I guess the red roc was just a way to tease the readers about what the adv.coa could do. But still he is doing fine.
I just don't like the line when he tanked kaido's boro because of what ? "determination" :kaidowhat: doesn't make sense!

Anyway Killer was also fine, especially how he wounded Kaido and the "illusion" of Sonic with his blades, that was awesome.

I'm surprised Law used already his ultimate attack and did for now nothing to Kaido. Hope the effects will come after that or law has better techniques otherwise, i don't know what he gonna do except supporting the fighters but he is great in that job!

Kidd well, already two chapter and still nothing impressive ... I'm gonna wait because oda has probably something for me especially that big sword Oda draw again front of Onigashima.

About Zoro, good he cut the boro and saved Luffy but the impression he gave was absolutely remarkable.

I sensed EOS Zoro vibes in this panel :

Great and of course seeing for the first time Big Mom and Kaido reacting to Zoro and his Enma was dope!! Never ever we saw them being worried about something but here wow ...
Dodged or missed, i really don't care except the fact Oda didn't want Zoro to wound Kaido ... it's not that hard to guess why but at the same time it raises a question :
How Oda gonna deal Zoro now ? Nerfing his next attacks ? Removing him ? Waiting to see that!

And the MVP are the Yonkou in this chapter :
One dominating the fight and the other one tanking/enduring everything! They deserve to be two of the strongest of this world!
Imagining that our two golden boys reaching that lvl one day is so good :steef:

Overall excellent chapter : 4/5.
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