How will the Supernovas fare against Hybrid Kaido?

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Doesn't that simply mean strange haki is coming from the blade? So essentially it didn't say oden. Which was my point
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Yeah cuz i can the translation is going to be different. And it's weird since if it's strange haki coming from the blade that means it's still not odens since to kaido its actually strange and not familiar like odens lol
The point is, its says nothing about sword or strange. All Kaido says is. "That haki/ That type of haki/ That form of haki"
Killer's Punisher could work very well against Doffy's string.
Killer taking a W yet again :cheers:
Can't catch an L

I'm giving Kidd benefit of the doubt that he'll do better later, but does Oda think it's cool for him to tank these hits? It's not cool. It's not even his real body. Lol...
Is just that he's a giant target and can assembly back to his form
His only priority is to not be hit on his real body
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