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Well from look on spoiler pictures and translation thus far, It setting up things especially for Macro will be switching out soon as he stated he won't last longer facing YCs and going to help out with healing the others. I think I see Sanji vs King given he will get involved and another Sky Battle given both been at odds with one another, but also be interesting with Queen side too.

Though think Macro vs Perospero going to continue unless Chopper gets involved to fight Perospero to have his own fight as well.
I hope Oda explains Sulong sometime or ever ,

Jack goes from matching the Dukes 1 on 1 to getting dumbstered when they go Sulong

and Here Oda implies Perospero could go from absolutely destroying both of Wanda/Carrot in their normal form as we see rn to potentially losing when they get Sulong ? that's a bit too much as a power up no ?

I really don't get it like i can't imagine a character of the calibre of WhosWho/Jinbei~ would lose to Carrot/Wanda just cause they have Sulong
The way it appears Sulong is a huge boost to speed and Ap. It seems to empower their electro as well as makes them fast as hell.


Im not saying King was looking trash, dude was a beast on his own and he is in fact a durability monster(same for Queen).
In that case all three put a great fight,not the same as what Law did with Fujitora(who could stomp Law alone pls) and Doffy.
Also Queen looking more hurt then Marco, he never said his regen is at limit. If Oda need Perospero to end the fight fast it tells your King and Queen where far left to defeat Marco yet.
The same logic
Bm can't finish Marco fast eihout homies while Pero can
Same thing here with calamities
Does that make Pero>BM > calamities or Marco impressive? No
scabbards are strong. jack mentioned that even half dead, they are formidable. momo is the main target of the beast pirates, killing him means they cripple the whole samurai army. so it stands to reason that someone will soon prioritize momo. sanji is going towards momo and its obviously going to end up being the right call.
Well it has to be a right call since oda is using the plot like that. But its stupid too from writing point of view. We are readers so we can conclude that, becasue we have that info. What the people there know about it is that Scabbards are done for and will get killed soon. Moreover momonosuke has shinobu and Yamato with fodders following them not a calamity.
Sanji : Hey! where's the storage room that must not be opened!!?
Fodder : It's around the entrance of the Skull Dome.
Sanji : Hmmn...Kin'emon and the others are in the complete opposite direction
Sanji : Damn it, which of those places need me the most!?
Sanji : That direction or this one!?
Sanji : hmmn...!!
Sanji : This way!!
Sanji choose the wrong way 100%
And he didn't mention Momo location at all only Kinemons
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