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You can't win
Protecting them doesn't mean he is holding back i Queen only attacked now hyuou and co again after chapter 999
Didn't say he is holding back. I said he is being held back. He is alone against 2 calamities. If he attacks one, the other is free to kill the samurais, which pushes him to make an extra-effort to hold them both back to protect the samurais. The fact that neither King nor Queen ever found an opening in killing samurais despite fighting Marco in a 2 vs 1, just shows by how much Marco outclasses them :kayneshrug:
Oda is starting to piss me off with his inconsistency regarding endurance. How are people going from fighting for days to getting tired after coupla hours? Shit makes no sense.
The x and y fought for z days is pointless, ignore it. That's just empty hype Oda uses to make it sound cool. We'll never see anything like that on panel, fights will conclude in matters of hours.
We got almost an entire chapter of Marco vs King.
Previous chapters: Marco vs King.

Sanjitards :usoprice:: SaNJi WiLl FigHT KiNg.

These people are worse than Sanjitards in Orojackson.
If you check my messages i talked a lot about marco already, i was trying to talk about every part of the chapter, and i didn't say that sanji would fight king on this message in particular so what's your point :choppawhat:
Because momo and kinemon both needs to be saved and they are at polar directions, so sanji needs to choose which he wants to help in priority.
Thats not what I am talking about, he immediately went to save kinemon, moreover it was even setup that way so that sanji could get that ingo and not try to decide what he needs to do. And now its being presented as a choice because he suddenly remembered that momo is in danger...when it is a known fact since King said so. Right now no one is going to save scabbards and no knows about it except him. So it is just very lame way to write the story. Either he just goes straight to momo he moment he was free or he informs about scabbards being in danger and then goes to save momo, if he is the priority for him right now. That should be the normal way of thinking given the information he has.
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