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I think that if we get ZvK and SvQ and Yamato takes Jack solo then that's a strong hint toward her joining.
Yezzir. I just feel like Oda is going for those clean matchups. Yes, clearly Zoro needs/needed to fight Kaido for the enma plotline, but I dont think it detracts from a main YC fight if they lose on the rooftop. Not only this, but we'll be able to tell if Marco ends up losing or if Sanji fights Queen.

If those 2 things happen, then virtually the only other option is Zoro at that point.
Check out 1:56
Hawkins said that Kid will get killed. This was not included by Oda in the manga.

Toei Animation threw that huge hint/ spoiler that Oda hid in the Manga which is Kid or Killer's death. Knowing that Oda provides Toei with everything in advance and he even conducts meetings with them all the time.
I expect two scenarios for the tragedy of act 3,

- Either Kid dies. And due to the smile fruit, Killer can't cry for his captain's death. He laughs at his dying captain. Similar to how the Ebisu people laughed at Yasui's death. Kid and Killer's flashback starts.

- Or Killer dies which will cause Kid to snap and go crazy. Kid and Killer's flashback starts either way LOL.
Oda already said kidd plays a big role in the story and Oda says he doesn’t like to kill people because the banquet after. Kidd and killer aren’t dying. No one of note is and if someone dies there will be no banquet despite Oda definitely wanting the banquet to be big.

there is no death just stop that already and if there is it’s gonna be someone like Marco
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