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I just came to say

Marco can't beat doffy or Cracker still

Speed barely about boundman
Cant fight for 1 he if he gets damaged...imagine if he is fatally wounded

Please... rejoice this moment

There's no way Bullets or beams can hurt or weaken Cracker or doffy to a point he is exhausted...
It won't ever land or damage katakuri anyway

Nothing changed
King is still superior than Marco in lethality , AP and probably speed too (once he goes hybrid)
Marco has hybrid...what you guys are insuniating s the 4th transformation which doesn't happen coz zoans have 3 forms...the 4th is awakening or so.

Call me next week when Marco beats Perospero or at least takes out Queen before losing


No. Hybrid (or better human-beast) is a fusion of both. e.g. Drake, who is a humanoid Dinosaur. You don't see Drake turning his arms and legs into a dinosaur while the rest remains entirely human. No. In Hybrid, your entire body is half human half zoan. Like Drake's face being half human and half zoan, just as his body being human enhanced by dinosaur properties. While Marco remains human but turns his legs and arms into wings and claws. In this form, he has full zoan and full human properties.
This is his hybrid
There's nothing left unless you think Marco has a 4th transformation

Marco doesn't remain human, his limbs turn to phoenix limbs .
Humanoid phoenix.

He cant fight 1hr , time to stop wanking this dude for kicking both twice and yet failed to even take 5% from them
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