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Now this is what I'm talking about Oda.

After the last 2 trash ass chapters we finally get a decent one centered all around First Mates like Marco and King with the former pulling some uber epic wtf feats in his hybrid form(?) against not only first mate King but also Queen who gets treated exactly like the gag character that he is lmao. King at least was 1v1ing Marco last chapter, putting his hands on him with those fire bullets and actually hurting him but what is Queen doing? Nothing relevant or impressive and it's been that way since the very start of the raid he even reminds me of a certain useless/irrelevant someone who is another gag character just like him.

I'm not quite sure if Marco is using hybrid or not but what I'm 100% sure is that this man has his fruit awakened, so it's really no big deal if he is a little bit tired.

The rest seems pretty impressive too. Hyogoro with his swoll form one shotting Hotei lol and hybrid Drake ready to end a badly injured Apoo with his signature sword and axe weapons.

Let's go
Nah Smoothie's trash.

Peros is cool I like him but he ain't taking out Marco at least not solo.
Nah he’s going to shoot Marco in the back to give him a hole to match Ace. King is low key trash too. What has he done? All he does is bark orders on his snail and look intimidating... like smoothie did.
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Because of raid suit that increases his durability
Sanjis haki is also strong enough that just using it to defend himself would hurt Black Maria.

Dude are you blind or stupid?

I told Chrono Sanji soloing King doesn't make sense not that it would impact me in some way.

Sanji is too weak right now to beat a commander unless u mean half dead Jack.
And what Luffy and Zoro doing on the roof makes sense ? Nami surviving Ulti headbutt makes sense ? Non of this shit makes sense. Oda is gonna make them far stronger than they previously seemed so they stand a chance.
Marco hits Queen with a shockwave, making him vomit blood. No, the dialogue confirms this is not Queen's own laser damaging him
Already pointed it out, probably Marco use Adv CoA step 2 like Luffy, penertration haki and hurt Queen inside his body.

Marco claws Queen's face leaving it bleeding:
Well I didn´t noticed it, that is kinda crazy feat, not just the cut wounds but also in another side of his face he bleed from the crush, Marco in fact hurt both King and Queen, who still good endurace his attacks.

Let's resume the situation

We have

> King / Queen aim at killing the scabbards at all cost, yet they think they can't do that due to Marco taking too much of their attention(according to King despite having Queen alongside him)

> Marco is fighting King and Queen in a 2 vs 1 for multiple chapters(with his healing ability active on the dying samurai he aims at protecting), yet Marco only has a scrath, while King is dripping blood, with Queen even more damaged

This suggest it'd take much more time to see a winner despite Marco already fighting in a 2 vs 1, likely the reason of Perospero's involvement by the end of the chapter. He'd play the role Flampe did in the Luffy vs Katakuri fight, except that unlike Katakuri who was getting stressed on base Luffy without noticing Flampe, Marco would be facing 2 opponents with higher bounty than Katakuri, with Perospero's potential support being superior to Flampe's as well

If Oda goes out of his way not only to portray Marco in a comparative level to the 2 strongest calamities despite fighting in a 2vs1 to the point of involving Perospero's help to tip the scale of the fight, that alone suggest than in case of a 1 on 1, Marco would have ragdolled them

He is a level above King
Agree with the point about Perospero.
If King and Queen would be enough, Oda wouldn´t need Perospero to end the fight faster!!
With meaning even in current states Marco could fight both far longer, the only reason why the match could change soon is because of Perospero, I assume next chapter Marco shine again before going down.

Marco fighting right now a dude with a bounty of 1.320.000.000B and we can save say King have similar bounty, so the combinate bounty of King and Queen are over 2.620.000.000B!!!! Jinbe was scared asf because of Katakuri vs Luffy telling the Strawhats how op someone with 1billion berry can be, Sanjikun was flapping himself of his headcanon Doffy would be 1B because Luffy and Law getting 500Mio on their head(even though Luffy and Law just get a addition of defeating Doffy only just 160mio lmao xDDD), Marco facing right now opponents worth of 2.620.000.000B together!!!!!! And soon you can add 700.000.000mio with leading the point in the end Marco losing to a force who worth 3.320.000.000B!!!

"b.but Do.ffy could do the same", no he would clapped hard by King and Queen together, if it would be Jack right now facing both King and Queen, he would clapped too, same for Cracker. Katakuri in that case is different, yes he wouldn´t probably have similar feats like Marco, but I really think he could stall the fight long enough too because of Future sight, ofc he would be damaged too(this showing firstmates are very incredible, I can imagine King showing soon great feats too).

I assume Marco bounty cross over 2Billion Berry, dude is freaking monster. Speedblitzing King and Queen in sametime while protecting everyone is a really great feat.
Not saying King and Queen are weak, look at Queen dude is a massive tank and have multiple ways to kill someone, in my opinion he himself would also beat Doffy(mid-high diff).
People doubting Sanji vs King, because it doesnt make sense lol. Sanji went from barely doing anything to Blueno with his strongest base kick, to then in a few hours making Jabra vomit blood whilst he was in hybrid with weaker kicks. Stop doubting Sanji, matter of fact stop doubting the SHs. Oda will make them as strong as need be. So just watch the pretty fights.
Zoro and Luffy have the capabilities to hurt a Yonko.

Nami tanking Ulti it's fucking bullshit I agree.
No they dont. Realistically they would need years to get to the lvl these 40-60 year old men are at. No way their potentials are that high they reach it in their early 20s. But alas this is OP, and Oda wants to end it whilst they're still young. Thus he makes them as strong as need be. Sanji hasnt trained on-panel ever, yet he is ever-growing with new feats every few chaps. Theres nothing realistic about any of this. Its a damn fictional manga ffs lol. A badly written one at that.
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