Who will Kaido fight?

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Just realized Sanji is included in one of the options lolll. Dude's not in in chapter but still gets mentioned. GOAT.

I would vote for Luffy, Kidd & Zoro vs Kaido.
The other option would be L, K, Z & Killer vs Kaido with Law teleporting BM below the roof and him and Marco stalling her.
Butthurt that Killer and Kidd managed to last this long against him?
Should I be? It’s not like Kid’s body slams do anything. My prediction is that ALL 5 supernovas are going to lose and Zoro opening Kaido’s scar will be the biggest attack anyone there does

but it seems i overestimated Kaido... Like seriously, why hasn’t he beaten EVERYONE yet... The man has another yonko as back up and he’s not winning yet?
no visible damage thanks to the raid suit sanji said so himself, that clash was oda's way of showing how strong king is and that he is above someone like sanji
Sure bud. What I saw was king fail at not only recapturing Momo but doing any actual damage.

And the more we see king the more it’s clear just how weak he really is
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