Who will Kaido fight?

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Sure bud. What I saw was king fail at not only recapturing Momo but doing any actual damage.

And the more we see king the more it’s clear just how weak he really is
i don't remember king trying to recapture momo it seemed like he wanted to kill sanji first then go for momo.
And yes thanks to the raidsuit king failed to do any damage Sanji literally said if it wasn't for the suit he would have a hole in his stomach something you sanji fans love to ignore and pretend that it was sanji's flesh who resisted the attack
I don't know why Oda gave Jack such Lame Moveset compared to other Ancient Zoans

His Trunk swing isn't nearly as cool as Ulti or Sasaki's attacks or Even Hybrid Page One's claw attacks.

At least Queen and King have other stuff outside of Their Zoan bodies like Cyborg weapons and King's Fire
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