Who will Kaido fight?

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Man kaido's hybrid form looks like ass ngl.......... :whitepress:

Then again i wasn't expecting much to begin with-reptile zoans never looked great in hybrid forms.

X Drake, Ulti and Page One all looked pretty ugly in their hybrid forms. The biggest disappointment for me i think is kaido's teeth- they should've either been all sharp, or all normal. Having a mix doesn't work and just looks ugly, just like Orochi's devil fruit.

kanjuro being Oden was a easy guess. I'm just happy that oda didn't pull some bullshit in bringing oden back-the dude is dead and should stay dead.

Scarabs are useless as always- who's gonna save them now i wonder? :few:
If the Yonko were remotely serious they'd grab Luffy' s gearless ass, pin him on the floor and gutt him instead of bouncing him around like this.

They really are playing around here more than i thought they would :quest:
Yonkos think they are far above Luffy. They are kind of enjoying the challenge (how little it might be) the supernovas are giving them. I don't have any problem with Yonkos taking their own time to finish of SNs
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