Who will Kaido fight?

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So far:
Ashura is done, Kinemon probably fight soon Kanjuro, Shinobu vs Fuku could still happen, Orochi is a fodder who shouldn´t be a problem for the Scabbards so I doubt they fighting him, Inu fight against Jack.
So left are Neko,Raizo,Denjiro,Kawa,Kiku and Izo, perfectly for helping against other calamity and flyers.

Izo and Kiku+Nami und Usopp vs Ulti and Pageone
Denjiro+Franky vs Sasaki
Raizo+Robin and Brook vs BM
Kawamatsu/Neko+Jinbe vs WsW
Kawamatsu/Neko+Drake and Apoo vs Queen

Every scabbard going help against the flyers and calamity.
The question and only one who gave me right now headache is Sanji.
It make sense that he arrive in place where Jack vs Inuarashi happen and as @jmena assume, Jack not going to take a another L, he is sure for beating Inuarashi this time(with means eiither hybrid and/or awakanened form). In case Sanji could save Inuarashi from getting killed by Jack. Or Sanji arrive above to fight King? Sanji is really something else, every calamity fight right now could make sense, King vs Sanji(because of the previous clash), Sanji vs Queen(Judge connection) and Jack vs Sanji(Sanji saving Inuarashi).

It is hard for me to put Sanji it one of these calamity fights, let see how Oda handle it, overall Sanji vs every calamity is possiblle right now.
At this point i'm between Sanji Vs Noone...Just random Clashes...
Sanji defeating/finishing the 3 Calamities XDXD (But not alone ofc) For example, Sanji+Inu vs Jack, Sanji +Marco vs King+ Sanji+ X vs Queen...
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