Who will Kaido fight?

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If you haven’t realized Oda is showing you the entire time kaidos title is fraudulent

1. He beat oden by cheating

2. He was gonna attack a defensiveless lufffy

3. It’s implied shanks beat him before( the shadows)

4. Why would Oda introduce someone with a heresay title if it was true? People who say kaido is the strongest are gonna look dumb when Oda outrights debunks it soon.

mf kaido so far hasn’t beat anyone besides the scabbards unless he cheated.
1) Dragon kaido lost 20 years ago when he was not in his prime..........he didn't cheat....pretty sure current hybrid kaido destroys

2) So? Akainu attacked defenceless WB.....kizaru marco next...........

3) Nothing implied like that

4) Oda does nothing inversely..........he is hyped to be the worlds strongest many times and has the best claim.........one shotted yc1 in his base.......aokiji needed distraction for jozu......fuji is pathetic..........shanks/yonko teach are featless...........
He can only use barrier ryuo through Enma, yes it is his "own" haki technically...
But it's like saying a toddler riding a bicycle with training wheels can ride a bicycle unaided if you think Zoro using Enma to slash Kaido means he has that capacity outside of Enma.

Luffy knows even a level beyond the "bicycle" in this analogy, being able to ride a "unicyle" unaided- i.e. having internal destruction ryuo.
Zoro was using barrier haki since alabasta . Learn how to read .


“Said to be”

While mihawk has a straight up title Oda plays coy with kaidos. He never gave him a title card. Why do you think that is?

Kaido is a clear fraud. He can be in your top 5 or top 10 but honestly if you still think he’s the strongest when Oda refuses to call him the strongest Idk what to tell you.

Actually it’s funny because saying kaido is the strongest is headcanon


remember kaido doesn’t have a titile card Oda makes others call kaido the strongest or supposed strongest
Well, the fake straw hats also had an info box calling them real straw hats. So you can argue that Mihawk can be a fraud as well. :kappa:


Kaido doesn't have an info box because he earned his reputation otherwise. Because he was suicidal and involved himself in fights he was outnumbered and often times defeated, as the narrator said, but with people recognizing Kaido's strength. Even the marines say that Kaido is the guy who earned his fame and reputation through his individual strength alone.

It's dumb to call it "fake hype" because Kaido being the strongest is the perception people have. You could call Mihawk's title fake too, given his performance against Vista and given Marines in the novel debating who has the best swordtechniques among Mihawk, Shanks, Zoro and Vista.
Time fruit+zoan mystic version?
Pls stop I already hype myself alone by thinking of it, but it make sense.
Previous Admirals:
Have all logia with Yellow,Blue and Fire contrast.
Now we getting:
Logia, Paramecia and Zoan with Light, Gravity and Time.
The question is which zoan mysttic power could have the power to control time?

Pls we need Greenbull in Wano, Oda if you ever respect your fans, pls do it...
I can vibe with it. Its like how Marco and Kaido have additional powers beyond their Zoan. Essentially the Zoan form is an excuse for the actual powers the use. Just not sure what zoan could attribute this power. Maybe something like Sengoku's and its more of a deity (like Buddha) instead of an actual animal?
What's up with a chunk of Zoros fanbase calling Sanji fans names every time they talk about Sanji's fanbase on this forum ?

The opposite doesn't really happen, we just call you lot Zoro fans.

Seems to me like one side is more pressed than the other with the manner they conduct themselves :specialmeh:
Theres an influx of Sanji fanboys calling Zoro fans Zolokeks, Zolol, Zoron (whatever this mean), Sword Swallowers, Swordkeks, Swordcucks, Swordbois, Zolo, Zologays, etc etc.

although we do use roughly a similar number of names.
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