Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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You can't win
how do the spoiler providers measure how long the attack was blocked for.....
was it mentioned?
SPOILER providers tend to add their own assumption / interpretation of events, so because of this, it might be better just to wait out for the chapter to have our own interpretation

With that said, judging by the spoiler, after Kid thanks Zoro, he said "although it was just for 1 second" or something like this, so might have come from him
Probably the best chapter on rooftop for multiple reasons:

1- For once, Kaido and Big Mom attacked together, so that made sense than the garbage that was written few chapters ago

2- Zoro taking on their attacks combined was hype, not gonna lie

3- We LEARNED that Luffy's Red Rock >>> Gear 4th... as It's the only attack Kaido wanted to dodge from Luffy so far... makes you wonder why this idiot used Gear 4th in the first place LMAO... Also, it makes you think about Gear 4th was not utilizing the advanced haki... I believe... because it wouldn't make sense to make that Gear 4th suddenly become that useless of a form...

4- Kaido dodging is FINALLY here.... The fight will ONLY become good if the opponent does everything they can to win, like dodging an attack that will hurt them... I was afraid Kaido will be too idiotic to do something like that honestly...

5- Kid does something useful... OMG... LMAO even though his performance is still mediocre. But still, within his abilities and what he can do, he did something useful, so I will give him that

6- Not gonna lie, I did NOT expect Law's fruit abilities like Shambles or Personality switch to be affected by haki.a.. where it gets nullified... I only thought that cutting would not succeed if opponent haki was strong enough... but EVEN shambles and personality switch? That was a Oda's way to basically nerf the fuck out of Law's fruit to make sense of WHY he is not doing God Tier shit as he was supposed with that fruit.... Anyway, good thing that Oda put those nerfs because it wouldn't make sense otherwise for Law to stand around not doing those techniques on enemy...

7- Another thing is... I didn't expect Tact of all moves to have some relevance to this fight LMAO... but good twist Oda....

So, yeah... surely the best chapter out of the rooftop chapters for having NEW SHIT that making sense
Ngl this seems like a good ass chapter, if we ignore everything that could happen after this chapter when it comes to BM (Olin) and highly possibly dumping her homies on Nami/Usopp to beat P1/Ulti (seriously they have hundreds of gifters, enough with the conveniences).

But if neither of these two happens, neither Olin nor BM homies conveniently given to defeat Ulti/P1, then this remains a good chapter. If either or both happen this chapter till turn into mid too then.


𝐀𝐬𝐩𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐌𝐚𝐬𝐜𝐡𝐞𝐧𝐧𝐲 𝐏𝐞𝐭
Why people calling BM and Kaido attack the strongest in OP?

they could used one of their lower tier attacks for all we know and they can do much better even Individually
This attack is far stronger than any other attack they are capable of:
  • Mama tells Kaido that they should launch a combination attack to destroy all the Supernova at once
    • Big Mom suggests to Kaidou that they attack together and finish all Supernovas in one blow.
    • This was an attack the Yonkou thought was strong enough to kill the Supernova at a go.
  • The Yonkou psych themselves up before performing the attack
    • Kaidou: "I hope your legs and hip are still good enough, old hag!!"

      Big Mom: "Who do you think you are talking to, boy!!"
    • This is an attack that they psych themselves up before performing. Kaido asks Mam if she's still in shape to perform such a technique.
  • The attack is named Hakai meaning "Conquering the Sea"
    • Big Mom and Kaidou: "Hakai (覇海 Conquering the Sea)!!!"
    • Naming scheme:
      • Hakai: "Conquering the Sea"
      • Hakoku: "Conquering a Nation"
      • Ikkoku Sovereignty: "Nation's Might"
    • Based on the naming scheme: Hakai >> Hakoku >> Ikkoku Sovereignty.
      • Conquering the Sea >> Conquering a Nation >> Nation's Might
  • Zoro confirms that the attack would kill them all if they stay in the same place:
  • Kidd thanks Zoro for saving them:
  • Even with Zoro blocking it, it destroys part of Onigashima:

It's an entirely new low to say:
they could used one of their lower tier attacks for all we know and they can do much better even Individually
Completely creditless.
lol ... I explain it for others

CoC is as strong as a man's power level - Dark King
CoC can't grow weaker by old age and time. CoC is literally will power and will power can't get weaker by old age or sickness
an equal clash of CoC means 2 people over all power level is equal to each other
and Prime Beard CoC power level ~ Sick Beard CoC power level ...

example : Kaido and Big Mom have equal CoC and they are proven to be equal

once more , it took me 1 post to neg diff your bullshit :suresure:
Man Juan Piece really does seem a lot ot fun. Unfortunately I don't plan on reading your fanfic so keep it quiet with the nonsense.

Luffy = Retired Chinjao = Doffy in willpower :rolaugh:
Vista can compete stop the wanking mihawk, zoro can already compete with mihawk also
Being unable to hit a none serious Mihawk when he's not even focused on Vista makes it very clear he's not on his level.

Do you understand what it means to be able to compete with someone. If you're in the race with the fastest man in the world even if you don't stand a chance of winning you still are competing with him.
Zoro reacting and stop the attack even for single moment is really op. However Law save him then too. That is what I like about this chapter,teamwork. With teamwork they get out Big mom. That remind me for the Oars battle and im hyped to see these panels.

However we should still also look about Kaido and Big mom, their combo attack was strong enough to kill all Supernovas at the top!!!

Kaido and Big mom together can solo the whole under dome squad showing how insane the rooftop battle is.

Zoro really put his life on that moment, remind me how he do it in thrillerbark. Thanks to Law Zoro could survive but thanks to Zoro the Supernova could in first place survive xD. Very great team moments. Like it a lot.
Man Juan Piece really does seem a lot ot fun. Unfortunately I don't plan on reading your fanfic so keep it quiet with the nonsense.

Luffy = Retired Chinjao = Doffy in willpower :rolaugh:
Luffy and Doffy had a clash by CoC they didn't had an EQUAL clash

Shanks Vs Whitebeard did
Kaido Vs Big Mom did

what I said is pure fact and manga back it up .... so OF COURSE YOU will ignore it
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