Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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that a good way, to become stronger - Rayleigh said that you grow esponentialy in term of hacky when you get push, Zoro is getting pushed so his hacky will bloom. Expect crazy shit again from grand master, he will show insane stuff!!!
True true.. in this wounded state he'll come to focus more and develop farther.. yes and this directly relates to what Reyleigh said


𝐊𝐨𝐤𝐮𝐭𝐨 𝐒𝐡𝐮𝐬𝐮𝐢
well am not planning on seeing tama
but marco
sanji's fight
are good fights too.

who's who btw is my fav on the beast pirates.
Jinbe is toying with Who's Who.

Franky rekt Sasuke already.

Sanji is poor and boring.

Marco. Depends. Would love to see 1 vs 1 with King but not now. A little bit later.
Might be.
Kokujo Ou Tatsumaki has a radius of several hundred metres and the offensive prowess to completely overwhelm Kaido's Tatsumaki and cut him up. It oneshots Katakuri, and he has no counter for it.

Zoro has outreacted FS Luffy on several occasions:
  • He reacted to Batman's arrows first.
  • He warned Luffy about Apoo's attack.
  • He intercepted Heavenly Fire
  • He intercepted Boro Breath
  • He intercepted Hakai

  • Kokujo Ou Tatsumaki
  • Flying slashes

I don't think current Zoro can contend with Awakened Logia admirals yet, but he deals with it however the other DFless top tiers deal with it.

  • Attributing it to Advanced COC is highly unwarranted.
  • Many top tiers lack comparable Devil Fruit abilities:
    • Roger
    • Rayleigh
    • Garp
    • Shanks
    • Oden

Stats I think Mihawk has over Zoro:
  • COA
    • A black blade
    • Apex of swordsmanship
  • COO
    • His epithet was originally clarivoyant
  • Stamina
    • Top tiers can fight for 10 days
    • Zoro is winded after fighting for a few hours at best.
  • Offensive Prowess
    • Superior COA
    • Superior sword
    • Superior sword technique
  • Defensive Prowess
    • Superior COA
    • Superior sword
    • Superior sword technique
  • CQC ability
    • Superior COO
    • Superior COA
    • Superior sword
    • Superior sword technique

I also think Mihawk is a high/top top tier though. If I'm right on where Mihawk stands in relation to Zoro, then he is probably the strongest current top tier.

Other than stamina, I think Zoro's other stats are still in the top tier range (maybe comparable to mid top tiers).
On my phone so I'm not quoting all the different parts one by one:
First the ones I disagree on:
1. Reaction speed: Batman: Dude seriously, that's something powerlevel based for you?
That's imo some random ass story scene.
Imo that goes back to personality traits and simple characterization. Nothing power level based for me entirely.
And in that Apo scene Luffy knew just aswell something's coming- How's that suppose to indicate any form of superiority?

For the two known rooftop scenes:
Similiar to Law he just has Luffy's back.
They keep an eye on him and help him out, while he's in the middle of the Yonkou trouble. That certainly does not indicate any form of superiority either for me.
Easier job to observe from a safe distance and anticipate than dealing with that stuff directly.
Or do you think Law also has superior reaction speed compared to Luffy, which you would have to assume if you base your analysis on such scenes, cause he helped him the same way.

In that one scene he even just came out of a a half dodged Thunder Bagua, an attack no one besides him is factually able to dodge, cause they lack exactly that one ability that makes you even able to react to it somewhat in the first place. It's actually a positive feat for Luffy.
Which would also by my stance on that matter. FS just as the name says, is the golden standard here. By default everyone is inferior in reaction speed, logically.
As further noticed at hand of the hakai scene where Luffy reacts the first aswell this chapter.

2. I don't see how Tatsumaki or air slashes deal with that environmental effect as they spawn right below your feet.
That stuff still means trouble imo.
The guys you named are pretty much the only ones that don't have anything I named as a counter-besides Garp and his Geppou.
I personally assume that Roger and Shanks would have something CoC based for that.
But that's only headcanon for now, obviously.

But I expect it to be one aspect that might later really pull down those guys' overall levels a little, cause they might not really have a real solution for it.
But wait and see like you mentioned aswell.

That Tatsumaki argument is a nice one though. I will add that to my arsenal.
Especially when Zoro learns to control those max flow haki techs even w/o Enma and bumps the power of three blades full of overflowing haki into it.
Tatsumaki then gets even much more powerful.
Indeed diffiuclt to see how guys below top tier would be able to deal with it.
Nice one, didn't think of that.
Vergo shoulda had Who’s Whos Sabertooth Devil Fruit.
Would be cool. At any rate, the Axolotl devil fruit will allow him to reassemble his body limbs and organs to perfect condition. Perfect set up by Oda.

I trust Oda with cool design and future mission for Vergod

Also, new pacifistas will have Vergo as the template. Prepare yourself, when Sanji sees Vergo pacifistas he will shit himself, that turd sandwich :myman::gokulaugh:


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The new translations with Killer asking Zoro if he can push himself to cut Prometheus and Zoro saying that he has to, and the blood he coughs at the end of the chapter makes it seem like he might be unable to fight for a while now :josad:
The Supernova are too strong for Kaido to face all five of them at once. Instead he'll get a 1 vs 3 and then a 1 vs 2 afterwards.

Imagine full health Primz WB (a high top tier) against that attack do you think he will sustain as much damage as Zoro or will block for just 1/5 seconds ? Nan
My scaling is something like this:
  • Top Top Tier
    • Primebeard with the Gura
    • Awakened (?) Hybrid Kaido
  • High Top Tier
    • Hybrid Kaido
    • Sakazuki
    • Prometheus Fused Mama
  • Mid Top Tier
    • Base Kaido
    • Issho
  • Low Top Tier
    • Old Rayleigh
    • Old Garp
    • Old Sengoku
    • Rooftop Zoro

Anyway, your downplaying Zoro's feat.
  • He didn't stop the attack for one second but several. While Zoro was blocking the attack, we see:
    • A massive shockwave
    • Mama and Kaido reacting with shock that someone could block their attack:
      Kaido & Big Mom: Huh!?
    • Zoro having a full fledged conversation with the other Supernova:
      Zoro: Get outta the way guys!!!
      Luffy: Zoro!!

      Zoro: Before you're wiped out!!!
    • The Supernova dodging
  • It's not at all clear that Primebeard would be able to completely block the attack himself
    • He'll do better than Zoro, but how much better is unknown

because Mohawk is not god tier + and he is Zoro last fight and
  • We don't know how strong Mihawk is
    • Mihawk's COA may well be on a level above even Prime Roger and Primebeard given his Black Blade
  • We don't know how far from Mihawk current Zoro is
  • We don't know how much stronger than Mihawk EOS Zoro is

during the war Zoro will face an admiral solo likely so nothing God tier +.
We don't know what difficulty the Admiral he'll fight would be.
We don't know how they would compare to Kaido.

if you’re agree that Kaido has likely awakening why did you say the Yonko were in their strongest form ?
  • Kaido's Awakening is speculative
  • Kaido's Awakening might be a passive that only boosts his regeneration
    • There may be no separate Awakened form.
  • Some top tiers didn't have Awakening
    • E.g. Whitebeard
I'll consider Awakened Hybrid Kaido's strongest form, when he shows it.

the end of the fight will show stronger attacks both ways, this is a shonen and this is logic.
  • Zoro has yet to show an attack stronger than the Hiryuu Kaen he used in 1002.
    • I think it would be the final attack he lands on Kaido.
  • Kaido and Mama may have stronger combination attacks, but I doubt they can replicate this level of firepower alone, let alone exceed it.
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we can take a break from the roof here imo
luffy is wounded
zoro as well
kidd looks like it . I cant watch that much longer

with zeus
nami can finish ulti now and some fights at the bottom start wrapping up.

time for sanji , marco
to take on king queen.
jinbei vs who's who as well as franky sasaki.
I honestly just want to see Jinbe go all out. We've never actually see him at 100% onscreen
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Damn so Luffy was fighting Kaido solo this whole time this chapter
Technically it was 1 punch, then he got attacked 3 times by Kaido instantly after. Kaido is an absolute monster lol, doesn't let up if there is an opening
Yeah I'm all about Bandana Piece now like you can tell now but where did the lame stuff come from? LAME? I remember you, you werent this salty :(

Vergo is the most talented fighter, you cant call him lame :cheers:

It takes skill to troll fight Sanji and beat him at his own game even if Sanji is a weak chump, I'll give ya that :) plus the other skills he showcased, a very all rounded perfect specimen :myman:
Vergo >> lanji anytime everyday :cheers:
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