Will LeZoro James Continue to Carry the SNs to a Ring Against the Yonko?

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Did Luffy survive Ragnarok or not?? Kaido hitting him with his club like some cave man is annoying to see. I really hope Luffy takes that club and give him a colonoscopy.
This wasn't close to the punishment he got from Katakuri or the first KO he got from Kaido. He lost a tooth in each fight I think. I am not too sure about the Kaido one but he looked banged up from just one hit :josad:
The fact that Kaido asks big mom if her body can still handle it implies this is probably their strongest attack.
If that was the case Asura Zoro would possibly treat Kaido like Kaku from now on. I kinda expect something of that magnitude from Kaido alone, but in a certain sense that attack was so devastating it's not a given to expect one of a similar entity from Kaido as a singular being.
It was just an inconsistency lol, like Kamazou or the Yeti Cool Brothers one shotting Zoro. Kaido can’t really one shot Luffy since Haki-less Luffy tanked hybrid Kaido multiple times.

Kaido’s AP is trash and he simply got in a lucky hit is all.
Yeti cool brothers had noting to do with strength. Its was a gas. Thats not inconsistency. You can get the physically strongest person today and gas would put them to sleep. The Killer situation oda showed it was poison and hungry.
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